Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Missionary's Final Testimony

Well … this is odd. I don't know what to say. I'll just make something up, I guess, and hope it all comes out in English.

The time has come to write my very last email from Mexico as a full time missionary, since next Monday will be busy with traveling, packing, and other fun things of that nature.

If I'd thought ahead I would have taken some cool, tribute-to-my-mission-in-Mexico photos to include (probably with a mustache or something) but I didn't. But … I still have a whole 'nother week for that.

Before I left home I chose the Romans 8:35,37-39 as my mission scripture. It reads:

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?...
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In my mission I have seen, felt, and come to know that this is true. So many times I have felt or thought that something had separated me from the love of God, but upon closer inspection of my life I found that my Father in Heaven was so much closer – and so much more aware of me – than I ever thought possible. Many things He hasn't shown me until recently, some things He won't show me until later. But I know that everything that I have lived and gone through here as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been for my benefit, that it has helped me grow and become a better woman. So very, very far from perfect, but so much better than I was.

I testify of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who has helped me every step of the way, whether I deserved it or not, and who is my hope and my faith for the future that is to come. I testify of the prophets, ancient and modern, who have been called to guide us back home.

I can honestly say that I have not loved every moment, but I have loved my mission.

I love you all. Be good, play nice, and trust God.

I'll see you soon!

Hermana Dallyn Marie Anderson

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You Might Want Some Popcorn ... (part 2)

-Rude things my missionary friends send me: 2 Nephi 1:14, but swap the word parent for missionary. (“Awake! And arise from the dust, and hear the words of a trembling [missionary], whose limbs ye must soon lay down in the cold and silent grave, from whence no traveler can return; a few more days and I go the way of all the earth.”)

-I had my last zone meeting this week. It was interesting to see how the Spirit is now talking to me, getting me ready with goals and plans for when I get home. Also, our zone is full of "dead" missionaries (or missionaries who are going to finish their missions soon). Here we all are, dead, or dying. I went more for the living dead look. I dunno why Elder Juarez thinks that that’s a dead face (he's the one on the end.)

-A fun thing is accidentally matching with your companion! This is Hna Hernandez from Veracruz, Mexico. Weird thing about our companionship … I'm the chubby one. Heavenly Father's always looking to keep me humble...

And to finish off, I am pretty sure that the cockroaches all know that I am leaving, so they decided to do everything that they can to bother me as much as they can these last few weeks.

Like this guy, who was just dead with his guts hanging out outside our door.

Or this guy, who I found in the washing machine that I rented today. But I didn't see him until after I had pulled out a bunch of clothes. Bleh.

The one that iced the cake though, was the one that, while I was studying, climbed up my chair, then up my back, then onto my shoulder and into my hair and on my neck. I was so not a happy camper.

I hate cockroaches, but love being a missionary. 

Another note: Conference was great. I learned so much, and I have so much to do and to work on. I'm pretty sure the whole world has said that by now, but it's true.

My fingers hurt and there's still a lot I haven’t told you, but they're going to have to be post -mission stories or something.

Love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Dallyn Anderson

Saturday, October 17, 2015

You Might Want Some Popcorn ... (part 1)

…because this is gonna be a long one. And popcorn is tasty. Go ahead, treat yourself. 

Well … hellos! I'm sorry for having neglected you for so long, but things just get a little crazy here in Mexico!

Things I didn't get around to telling you last transfer (just writing that sentence makes me embarrassed):

-Our district started doing tours of the church every Saturday. We make lemonade and invite people to see the rooms and hear our message of the restored gospel.

One day while my companion, Elder Flores and Elder Yat Caal and I were making the lemonade, someone put on some music and Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up came on. My family and some friends know just how much I loved Mr. Groban in High School, so it should come as no surprise to them that I said, "Oh, this guy used to be my boyfriend." It was movie perfect the way the elders turned in unity to look at me in disbelief, until I said "He just didn't know it." Then they laughed at me.  And themselves.
-Reasons to keep practice singing for the rest of my life: Sometimes my companion asks me to start the Gospel Principles class with a hymn while she writes on the chalkboard. And sometimes I'm the only one that knows the hymn and so I sing a solo. No biggie.
-While talking with a woman and her friend outside of her house we explained that we are missionaries and we are the female version of the Elders. The woman said that the Elders were always so handsome and that "There is no such thing and an ugly Mormon." To which I replied, "My brothers will be glad to hear that." (I'm just kidding you guys; you're all cutie pies.)
-Remember how I kept seeing squished tarantulas? Well, we saw a few live ones. My companion was talking to me as we were walking one night on our way home and she almost accidentally stepped one. Now every time I am walking down that street I am extra conscious of where my feet go.
-Fun culture-mixing story time. I bought pesto a few weeks ago to enjoy with my pasta. Y'all know I love me some basil. Well, while we were eating tacos my companion asked if she could have some of my "green salsa" (the word for sauce is salsa. Everything is salsa here). She wanted to put on her taco. I said it would probably not mix well and she looked confused, because every salsa goes with everything, right? So I let her try a little (not on her taco, I’m not that mean) and when she tried it her face pretty much said I was the weirdest person for wanting to eat that. Whatever. I like it.
-I sleep well here (I suspect it's because I'm in nearly a constant state of exhaustion these days, but I might be wrong) and it turns out that I sleep so well that I don’t even feel earthquakes that happen at two morning. But my companion freaked me out because she felt it.
-My district leader called one night and said, "Hey, I need a favor because you’re so big. Well, ok, it's not that big." “What’s not big, me or the favor?" "The favor! You’re enormous!" He's a shorty, so I forgive him.

This transfer:

-While teaching about the Book of Mormon and showing the images that are printed in the front of the blue copies, our investigator’s son saw the picture of Lehi and his family and said, "Hey, that's Santa!" My companion and I were dying.
-We always start off our lessons singing a song, but sometimes I get bored and a bit mischievous so when we asked one investigator if she wanted a happy song or a calm song and she replied, "Give me the best you've got!" I, naturally responded by singing Silent Night >:) I'm excited for Christmas. Sue me.
-Sometimes I get dressed on P-Day and go to Walmart and then look at the decorations around me and realize that I dressed myself for Halloween ... Haha.

-Sometimes people give us lots of food, so much food I feel like I am a hobbit. When that happens I ask the family if I can pray in English, to help my companion learn more English, and I say things like, "Father, thou knowest that we just ate, and we aren't hungry, but we have to eat more. Please help us finish this food too."
-We had a Noche Mexicana! ‘Twas fun, especially when we helped the bishop’s twin daughters dress up as missionaries:

(To be continued ….)

Thursday, October 8, 2015


The internet café is closing!!! Ahhh!!
I am alive, well, and loving being a missionary. Even though I am super tired at the end of the day, I feel as though I am doing the best I ever have.
General Conference is the best. Don't forget to follow up on the impressions from the Spirit that you received. That's the most important part.
Love you all!

(Only three more weeks, AH!)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

No Time, But Here’s an Announcement That is Important

First off, thank you to those who listened and sent me your plans and questions as I requested.

You all get gold stars.

The rest of you are getting coal for Christmas and need to check out this page on the LDS website:

And, also … an important announcement….

I have decided that for my last month I need to only communicate with my family. No friends, no boyfriend, or anyone else. If you would like to keep sending me things please go ahead, but I will be reading and answering them when I get home. This will give me more time to focus on what is happening here and on my calling for the four weeks that I have left (eek!).

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful conference weekend!


Hermana Anderson

Sunday, September 27, 2015

So Many Things

I have so many things to tell you all, and several weeks of "highlights" to catch up on, but I feel that it would be better to tell you only a few.

Last week I began my very last transfer. I received as my companion Hna Gonzalez, from the State of Mexico. She's a big sweetheart and just finished her training. BUT … President Munive received revelation that we should have special transfers, so after only five days together she left for Navajoa and I received a new companion – Hna Hernandez from Veracruz. While it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to Hna Gonzalez, even after a short time, the Lord prepared me for the change, telling me it would happen but without my realizing it until it actually happened. I can now relate better to the 12 Apostles, who couldn't understand the words of Christ until they had been fulfilled.

The other thing that I want to tell you is about what we are doing to help our ward get ready for general conference. Hna Hernandez and I are sharing the talk by Elder Hales from the October 2013 conference about, well … about General Conference, (found here: as well as the words found in Mosiah 2:1-9 and 3 Nephi 17:3. Afterwards we will have them prayerfully answer the following questions, both personally and as a family:

-What questions do I have that I want answered this conference?
-What do I want to learn this conference?
-What am I doing to get ready spiritually for conference?

Ok, now that you know that, what you need to do is … do it for yourself, and your family. Yep. You have homework.

And I expect everyone reading this to write me back by Monday to tell me what you are doing to get ready and at least one thing you want to learn/have answered.

I expect a very full inbox.

I personally am going to finish studying last conference and reread and restudy all the messages from the First Presidency from the other three conference issues that I have. I am looking for an answer and/or more guidance on what I should study after I finish my mission.

I love you all, and I testify that as we spiritually prepare to learn we receive so much more out of our church meetings, scripture study, and spiritual experiences.

Can't wait to read your emails :)

With much love,

Hermana Anderson

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Temple Trip!

Hello, friends,

I only have a few minutes, but the most important thing that I have to tell you is this:

My "temple trip" wasn't technically a temple trip. I got to see through satellite broadcast the re-dedication of the Mexico City temple. After being closed for renovations the temple is finally open again.

Between the cultural event on Saturday and the re-dedication service on Sunday I felt and thought a few things.

1) I am so blessed to be serving here in Mexico. The Lord has great things planned for this nation, and the Lamanites truly are blossoming like a rose in the desert.

2) I am grateful for temples and priesthood ordinances. They are proof that God loves us, and wants us to live with him again.

3) Heavenly Father loves me, has blessed me greatly, and has many wonderful things in store for me.

I have neither time nor words to fully explain everything that I felt and learned in those two days, but the Lord has once again blessed me beyond measure in the moments I need it most. 

I love you all. Have a wonderful week.

Yours in Christ,

Hna Anderson.

P.S. Need a Family Home Evening idea? Check out this video about the temple and have a family discussion. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Viva Mexico!


Lots to say and little time, so let’s get started!

It's September! That means that it is now one of the biggest party months in Mexico. And there is red and green and white everywhere, but it's not Christmas. Viva México.

Also, this is my newest hair clip, since I won't have space to bring a real sombrero home with me:

-A mission first happened this week. Someone asked us if we were Jews. Nope, but we're happy to explain what we are!

-Fun things to do while sweating at midday:

Take paint off of a house! While walking along we saw a woman working at it, so we went to go help her. Have I mentioned I really like giving service? Even if the dust gets stuck all over my sweaty arms.

-I dunno what is happening here in Gusave but I am finding many of these here in the streets:

Yep, that's a tarantula. Thank heavens, though, that I have yet to see a living one.

-In gospel principles this week, while singing the opening hymn, I gave a solo. Good thing I don't get much stage fright!

-Speaking of singing … while eating with a sister this week we talked about how I sing and she asked if I was in choir before. But turns out I didn’t understand her question very well, because when I said yes, she said, "You were in the Mormon Tabernacle choir!" It was a bummer to tell her no.

I've run out of time to tell you everything else, but know that I love you and things go well!

Have a great week!!

Hna Anderson

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sorry ... No Post Again This Week ...

Haha, tricked ya! I am writing this week. Aren't I sneaky.

Last week:
-Good missionary skills: Eating and/or drinking whatever the people give you, whether you like it or not. This week a sister made us a very healthy drink, made from a carrot, a peeled lemon, half an apple, and some kind of leafy green plant. Turns out if you mix that all together it tastes like … leaves! Yay, leafy goodness.

-As a missionary I dream about different things. Like finding my scripture marking pencil that I lost a few weeks ago. I just really want it back, okay?

-Illustration of the cultural differences in our companionship: 

 My companion bought the fish on the left. I bought the Fish on the right.

-So, good news! (Sophia, you will be especially excited to hear this.) Elvis does in fact live! We contacted him the other day in the street. I dunno if he can still sing, but we found him!

This week:
-Well, there is good news and bad news; which do you want first?
Good news? Ok. 
I'm not sick!!
The bad news: I was.
Tuesday I got a fever and chills so we went to see a sister who is a doctor. Wednesday I went for blood and urine tests (sorry, that's gross and probably TMI) and it turns out I had an infection. But Mexican meds are awesome, so I'm all good now! I'm still taking an antibiotic, but that's OK considering that I started out taking this many pills:

There's one for my fever, stomach pain, infection, as well as my Claritin and a vitamin so that the mosquitos don't bite me so much, because I do not have time to get dengue.

-We went to eat with a couple this week and I showed them the picture of my family that I carry with me. I have short hair in the picture, and while commenting on how very different I look now, the brother laughed and said, "This was when the hermana was emo."

-Here in Sinaloa and Sonora, vibrant colors are very common. So often group photos like this:

-Hna Patraca and I figured out how to beat the heat. Just get your hair wet various times throughout the day. We look like we just got out of the shower, but my head isn’t burning so I don't even care.

And there went August! I can't believe it. I now have only two more months left as a missionary (what the crazy, when did this happen?) So naturally I am panicking. Just kidding. Ish. But I do feel exceedingly grateful that I have this chance to be here. And that I have two whole months to keep at it.

Love you all!

Hna Anderson

Saturday, August 22, 2015

I Dunno What to Call This One … Potato.


My final week in Obregon:

-On night while knocking on the door of a recent convert his neighbor was outside playing the guitar and singing. I tried to ignore it, because really it was like a romantic movie scene, which I do not have time for, but then I realized that he was playing and singing "I Did it My Way." Then I wanted to go give him a high five. I didn't, but I considered it.

-I was a bit dehydrated that week (only the beginning symptoms, and I'm fine now, so no worries) so I called the mission president's wife and she told me what medicines to take, as well as foods that I should eat and ones that were prohibited until I got better, which was pretty much everything delicious. On that list was "anything with dairy" and I all of the sudden understood what Brain Regan meant when he said "and no more happiness." Then when we went shopping, I went to the juice aisle with the juice people (and my companion) and watched the people in the dairy aisle with their party hats. (If you don't understand what I am saying, go look up Brian Regan on YouTube and watch his clips until you do.)

-Things I like about being an adult:

 I can eat chicken nuggets with my yogurt and pears if I want to, and no one can tell me no >:)

-I bought myself a hand fan. It is the best 22 pesos I have ever spent.

Also, it was really hard to say goodbye to friends here in Obregon (the first time I actually cried about transfers). I had to say goodbye to one of my besties, Hna Brown. We're cholas together. That is a very special bond. Also, she's from Baytown, TX, which was part of Ben's mission, so extra cool points there.

There were more sad goodbyes, like with my former companion Hermana Hernández, but I don't wanna talk about that, because it's sad.

This week in Guasave:

-I can't escape it: I am once again the English teacher. Funny story – I don’t know how to teach English. So I just make it up.

-After writing last week we bought ice cream cones and then got to work. We went to set up an appointment with someone and it turns out that they work in a gym so that's where we had to go to set it up. Guess who felt like a fatty eating ice cream while others were working on the elliptical.

-This has been another week of big spiders – I found one one night on the back area/patio and another one last night in the house. I took pictures but they are yicky so I won't send them. You’re welcome.

-While flipping through an old conference issue of the Liahona, I found this:

Guess who now wants to do family history more than ever (for those of you that don't know, my mom's maiden name is Wickman).

Other random notes: It's hot again. It rained today. I like spicy food. I successfully have avoided eating cow stomach three times this week. I pretty much want to read everything I can get my hands on. 

That's all for now.

Love you all!!

Hna Anderson

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Greetings From Gusave

Well, once again I have little time. 

I am now back in Sinaloa and in the most remote zone in the mission. And it’s a really small zone of only nine companionships. Really different than being in Obregon, where there were more than 15 in my last zone alone. So pretty much I only know what happens in my district and that's it. Guess I'll just have to be extra focused or something. :P

Here is less hot! It's still really hot when the sun is out, but when it rained on a few days this week it didn’t feel a sauna! Now the sun is back and it's ridiculously hot again, but I got a lovely welcome nonetheless.

Speaking of rain … rain on dirt streets makes mud. So after getting dolled up yesterday for church (gotta make a good first impression in the ward, of course) we went to stop by and visit some investigators, and while trying to find some wet earth instead of mud, I stepped wrong and right into wet mud … and almost lost my shoe. My companion, who was wearing rain boots, just laughed at me. I borrowed the investigator’s hose to clean my shoes off before we went to church.

My companion and a Young Single Adult girl in the ward have figured out what I really am: A hippie. Here, being a hippie means that you are chill and don't worry a lot. It has nothing to do with weed or tree hugging. Cultural differences are fun like that.

OK, next week I promise I will catch up on what happened the last week in Obregon.

Love you all!

Hna Anderson

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Not a lot of time, so I'll be brief.

I got transferred, and most likely this is where I will finish. I'm in Guasave, Sinaloa. I know almost all of the missionaries in my district and so that will be fun. I'm just not excited to be the only companionship of sisters here :P

Also, my companion’s name is Hermana Patraca, I will properly introduce her next week. 

Other interesting news: I celebrated my Quincinera this past week!! Which just means that I reached 15 months and used it as an excuse to eat cake and a giant hot dog.

Out of time, but I shall write you properly next week. 


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Like a Lightning Strike in a Summer Storm

Hello friends, family, and other loved ones,

-That awkward moment when you need a banana for an object lesson and you don't want it to get squished in your bag so you carry it and then you don't know if people are staring at you because you are white or because you are a weirdo carrying around a banana.

-These past two weeks I came across something I haven't seen in almost a year-and-a-half: a toaster. I've been buying toasted bread or making toast in a skillet my whole time here. I freaked out a little bit to see them. But the weird thing is that I saw two of them in the same week.

-We’ve been getting those lovely desert storms!! :D The other day, after we got a sudden and dramatic one, there was a ton of mud in some of the streets :D So at one point we had to take our shoes off and walk barefoot and it was so fun to have the mud squish between my toes! And mildly therapeutic, too – ha-ha. Between being out working and having to wear flip flops all the time in the house I pretty much have shoes on all the time. And, even though I love shoes, I adore being barefoot.

-OK, about the title of this entry. During interviews this week we were sitting in the mission offices and admiring one of the desert thunderstorms. All of a sudden there was an incredible burst of light and the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard. We realized that lightening had struck really close by. It was powerful, and awe-inspiring. While I was thinking about it I remembered a conference talk from Elder Holland, which everyone reading this should read or listen to again or for the first time.

I reflected on our experience, what Elder Holland has said, the atonement, and how very powerfully – and quickly – our Lord and Savior helps us. I have seen it time and again in my life and also in the lives of others. Many times the atonement works in our lives slowly – so gradually and perfectly that we don't even notice it. But there are times when our savior reaches out to us like a lightning strike in a summer storm and changes our lives forever.
I testify of my savior, that He loves us, that He is real, and that He is there at every turn.
With love, 

Hermana Anderson

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Catching Up

-So, a few weeks ago while goofing around we tried to take jumping didn't go very well.

-As I mentioned last week, I got a new companion at transfers. It was happy because Hermana Hernandez had a really long time here, but it was sad because she is my friend. Plus, who else will buy crazy pants on Monday and take pictures with me?

(OK, lots of friends and or sisters would. But in a mission companion that is a rare and beautiful quality.)

-Reasons that I should accept that I am an a adult and stop eating children’s candy – my bag sometimes falls and then my Fun-Dip falls out and stains my foot blue-green.

-Reasons I won’t accept that I am an a adult and stop eating children’s candy – I like Fun-Dip

-Things that make me laugh really hard: When my recent convert says that he can tell that I come from big money. Really big international business money. I just laughed and laughed (in a polite way, so he wasn’t offended, of course).

-I think that I am going to go home and be an actress. When we went to visit one hermana this week she said, "And you guys aren't even hot or sweaty!" I laughed and told her that I'm changing my major because it's ridiculously hot here and I am pretty much always sweaty.

-While teaching a family the Ten Commandments, I taught them hand signs to go with each one so that they wouldn't forget. While reviewing them, the 18-year-old mom said, very exasperated, "Hermana, you complicate my life!"

-Well, I am pretty sure that my bag has hands of its own because it always does crazy things. Like put another companionship under blocked numbers in the cell phone. But the craziest thing was when it changed one of my Sister Training Leader's names to the letter 'A' and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to change back. Well, I would change it, but then the next call or text would still be from 'A'. Well, many of you know that I watched Pretty Little Liars before the mission, and anyone who knows anything about that show knows that getting calls and texts from 'A' is not a good thing. I was very happy when I stumbled upon how to change it back to normal. Panic attack over.

-Fun things to see in the street: A teenager with a shirt that says BYU-I. Bummer I didn’t have my camera to sneaky-take a picture.

-Something even more fun to see: A baseball cap in my investigator’s house with the BYU 'Y' on the front and the cougar logo on the back. Sign they should get baptized? I think yes.

-During Exchanges this week I got to see my former District Leader and buddy, Elder Wight. He's really funny and says crazy things without meaning to, which makes him extra funny. When we ran into him and his companion locked out of their house (he forgot the keys inside) and we were talking while the locksmith worked his magic, Elder Wight said, "No, actually our house is really cool." Then super-excited he said, pointing upwards "It's got a roof!" What he wanted to tell us is that on the roof they have a weight bench, but he got so excited only part of the sentence came out. I'm going to tease him about it until the end of the world.

-This week I made history because on said Exchanges I got my very first SUNBURN! Almost (almost being a very important word) 15 months here and it’s the very first one. Sigh … almost made it to the end without one.

-We also had another historic first today! I had my first zone activity! Since early on in my mission, because of an accident that happened when a sister got really hurt (she still wears a neck brace) zone activities have been PROhibited. UNTIL TODAY! ‘Twas nothing more than a few rounds of volleyball, but it was a beautiful thing :)

-Also, I found out that I am not the only missionary here from Colorado! That also made me happy. Here we are, Colorado Buddies:

OK, my fingers are tired. Be good. Talk to you soon.

Hermana Anderson

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sin Titulo

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been such a scrub about writing. I forgot my camera cable at home, so this week will be without pictures. (¡aburrido!)

To save time I will just list the highlights without dividing them by week:

-There have been lots of bug adventures lately (but not tarantulas, thank heavens, like my friend Hermana Wells, who's in Panama):

*First, we were walking to pick up investigators to go to church and my companion stopped to get a rock out of her shoe. Well, no rock fell out. But a cricket did. And it was still ... juicy. So basically she killed it while walking. Gross.
*A few weeks later I put my tennis shoes on to exercise and I felt something in the toe of my shoe. Feeling suspicious, I very carefully reached my hand in and pulled in a recently-killed cricket. Also gross.
*A short time later I was getting my bag ready to leave and when I was putting something in it a big old cockroach came scuttling out, ran onto me and my dress, and then as I was trying to hit it off me with whatever was in my hand it flew down to the floor. I quickly killed it with RAID and the broom. BLEG!!!!

-Signs that I am still me: while reading in Genesis about Joseph in Egypt I just really wanted to line my eyes with dark eyeliner, Egyptian style. I may be living a nearly "makeup free mission," but I still like makeup.

-I like when kids talk, no matter what language it's in. There's this super-cute little boy who's about four years old. While we were eating with him and his family he was playing with his one-year old brother, who's figuring out how to walk. He was encouraging him to keep going, even though he was falling, and said "Don't worry!" Well, he wanted to. But instead of saying "¡no te preocupes!" (don't worry about it, don't worry) He kept yelling "¡No to tucupes!" (which means nothing at all, but sounds really cute.) So that's what my companion and I started saying if one of us was bummed or stressed.

-A few weeks ago the rain hit! And just like last year the streets flooded! But, like a bum, I left my camera at the house so I couldn't take photos of the water that got up to my knees as we walked. And when a car passed it made wave and my companion – heehee – would scream and grab onto me. I just laughed.

-Oh, three weeks ago we had transfers (sorry again for not writing). My companion ahora is Hermana Dávila, and she is … you guessed it … Peruvian! She is the third Peruvian companion I have had. She's super-sweet and chill. Well, long story short, someone one day called her Hermana DaVinci. And of course I laughed crazy hard.

-While waiting to eat, the American elder in our ward was flipping through a cookbook. He found a recipe that piqued his interest so he decided to read it to us. After a few minutes of trying he looked at us and exclaimed in English, "This is harder than reading the scriptures!"

Well, those are all the things I have to share, minus photos. Sorry again for being lame these weeks – it's just hard to fit everything in.

Another thing: If anyone was thinking about sending me a letter anytime soon (if not, meh, that's ok) don't send it through the mail. One letter that someone sent me in December still hasn't gotten here. If you want to write me something, do it through There are instructions for using it on my blog – just go to the Contact Me page and then follow the link to Pouch Mail and the instructions are at the bottom. (I think ... hopefully I remember correctly.) Plus, you'll save on stamp money!

Love you guys!

Until next week/time,

Hermana Anderson

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lo Siento Mucho

Sorry guys....out of time....things are going well and I'm working hard. I hit 14 months this week and I can't believe it.

Love you all!

Hna Anderson

(Here are the photos that were omitted from last week's entry. -ed.)