Sunday, September 27, 2015

So Many Things

I have so many things to tell you all, and several weeks of "highlights" to catch up on, but I feel that it would be better to tell you only a few.

Last week I began my very last transfer. I received as my companion Hna Gonzalez, from the State of Mexico. She's a big sweetheart and just finished her training. BUT … President Munive received revelation that we should have special transfers, so after only five days together she left for Navajoa and I received a new companion – Hna Hernandez from Veracruz. While it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to Hna Gonzalez, even after a short time, the Lord prepared me for the change, telling me it would happen but without my realizing it until it actually happened. I can now relate better to the 12 Apostles, who couldn't understand the words of Christ until they had been fulfilled.

The other thing that I want to tell you is about what we are doing to help our ward get ready for general conference. Hna Hernandez and I are sharing the talk by Elder Hales from the October 2013 conference about, well … about General Conference, (found here: as well as the words found in Mosiah 2:1-9 and 3 Nephi 17:3. Afterwards we will have them prayerfully answer the following questions, both personally and as a family:

-What questions do I have that I want answered this conference?
-What do I want to learn this conference?
-What am I doing to get ready spiritually for conference?

Ok, now that you know that, what you need to do is … do it for yourself, and your family. Yep. You have homework.

And I expect everyone reading this to write me back by Monday to tell me what you are doing to get ready and at least one thing you want to learn/have answered.

I expect a very full inbox.

I personally am going to finish studying last conference and reread and restudy all the messages from the First Presidency from the other three conference issues that I have. I am looking for an answer and/or more guidance on what I should study after I finish my mission.

I love you all, and I testify that as we spiritually prepare to learn we receive so much more out of our church meetings, scripture study, and spiritual experiences.

Can't wait to read your emails :)

With much love,

Hermana Anderson

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