Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sin Titulo

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been such a scrub about writing. I forgot my camera cable at home, so this week will be without pictures. (¡aburrido!)

To save time I will just list the highlights without dividing them by week:

-There have been lots of bug adventures lately (but not tarantulas, thank heavens, like my friend Hermana Wells, who's in Panama):

*First, we were walking to pick up investigators to go to church and my companion stopped to get a rock out of her shoe. Well, no rock fell out. But a cricket did. And it was still ... juicy. So basically she killed it while walking. Gross.
*A few weeks later I put my tennis shoes on to exercise and I felt something in the toe of my shoe. Feeling suspicious, I very carefully reached my hand in and pulled in a recently-killed cricket. Also gross.
*A short time later I was getting my bag ready to leave and when I was putting something in it a big old cockroach came scuttling out, ran onto me and my dress, and then as I was trying to hit it off me with whatever was in my hand it flew down to the floor. I quickly killed it with RAID and the broom. BLEG!!!!

-Signs that I am still me: while reading in Genesis about Joseph in Egypt I just really wanted to line my eyes with dark eyeliner, Egyptian style. I may be living a nearly "makeup free mission," but I still like makeup.

-I like when kids talk, no matter what language it's in. There's this super-cute little boy who's about four years old. While we were eating with him and his family he was playing with his one-year old brother, who's figuring out how to walk. He was encouraging him to keep going, even though he was falling, and said "Don't worry!" Well, he wanted to. But instead of saying "¡no te preocupes!" (don't worry about it, don't worry) He kept yelling "¡No to tucupes!" (which means nothing at all, but sounds really cute.) So that's what my companion and I started saying if one of us was bummed or stressed.

-A few weeks ago the rain hit! And just like last year the streets flooded! But, like a bum, I left my camera at the house so I couldn't take photos of the water that got up to my knees as we walked. And when a car passed it made wave and my companion – heehee – would scream and grab onto me. I just laughed.

-Oh, three weeks ago we had transfers (sorry again for not writing). My companion ahora is Hermana Dávila, and she is … you guessed it … Peruvian! She is the third Peruvian companion I have had. She's super-sweet and chill. Well, long story short, someone one day called her Hermana DaVinci. And of course I laughed crazy hard.

-While waiting to eat, the American elder in our ward was flipping through a cookbook. He found a recipe that piqued his interest so he decided to read it to us. After a few minutes of trying he looked at us and exclaimed in English, "This is harder than reading the scriptures!"

Well, those are all the things I have to share, minus photos. Sorry again for being lame these weeks – it's just hard to fit everything in.

Another thing: If anyone was thinking about sending me a letter anytime soon (if not, meh, that's ok) don't send it through the mail. One letter that someone sent me in December still hasn't gotten here. If you want to write me something, do it through There are instructions for using it on my blog – just go to the Contact Me page and then follow the link to Pouch Mail and the instructions are at the bottom. (I think ... hopefully I remember correctly.) Plus, you'll save on stamp money!

Love you guys!

Until next week/time,

Hermana Anderson

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