Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sorry ... No Post Again This Week ...

Haha, tricked ya! I am writing this week. Aren't I sneaky.

Last week:
-Good missionary skills: Eating and/or drinking whatever the people give you, whether you like it or not. This week a sister made us a very healthy drink, made from a carrot, a peeled lemon, half an apple, and some kind of leafy green plant. Turns out if you mix that all together it tastes like … leaves! Yay, leafy goodness.

-As a missionary I dream about different things. Like finding my scripture marking pencil that I lost a few weeks ago. I just really want it back, okay?

-Illustration of the cultural differences in our companionship: 

 My companion bought the fish on the left. I bought the Fish on the right.

-So, good news! (Sophia, you will be especially excited to hear this.) Elvis does in fact live! We contacted him the other day in the street. I dunno if he can still sing, but we found him!

This week:
-Well, there is good news and bad news; which do you want first?
Good news? Ok. 
I'm not sick!!
The bad news: I was.
Tuesday I got a fever and chills so we went to see a sister who is a doctor. Wednesday I went for blood and urine tests (sorry, that's gross and probably TMI) and it turns out I had an infection. But Mexican meds are awesome, so I'm all good now! I'm still taking an antibiotic, but that's OK considering that I started out taking this many pills:

There's one for my fever, stomach pain, infection, as well as my Claritin and a vitamin so that the mosquitos don't bite me so much, because I do not have time to get dengue.

-We went to eat with a couple this week and I showed them the picture of my family that I carry with me. I have short hair in the picture, and while commenting on how very different I look now, the brother laughed and said, "This was when the hermana was emo."

-Here in Sinaloa and Sonora, vibrant colors are very common. So often group photos like this:

-Hna Patraca and I figured out how to beat the heat. Just get your hair wet various times throughout the day. We look like we just got out of the shower, but my head isn’t burning so I don't even care.

And there went August! I can't believe it. I now have only two more months left as a missionary (what the crazy, when did this happen?) So naturally I am panicking. Just kidding. Ish. But I do feel exceedingly grateful that I have this chance to be here. And that I have two whole months to keep at it.

Love you all!

Hna Anderson

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