Saturday, October 17, 2015

You Might Want Some Popcorn ... (part 1)

…because this is gonna be a long one. And popcorn is tasty. Go ahead, treat yourself. 

Well … hellos! I'm sorry for having neglected you for so long, but things just get a little crazy here in Mexico!

Things I didn't get around to telling you last transfer (just writing that sentence makes me embarrassed):

-Our district started doing tours of the church every Saturday. We make lemonade and invite people to see the rooms and hear our message of the restored gospel.

One day while my companion, Elder Flores and Elder Yat Caal and I were making the lemonade, someone put on some music and Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up came on. My family and some friends know just how much I loved Mr. Groban in High School, so it should come as no surprise to them that I said, "Oh, this guy used to be my boyfriend." It was movie perfect the way the elders turned in unity to look at me in disbelief, until I said "He just didn't know it." Then they laughed at me.  And themselves.
-Reasons to keep practice singing for the rest of my life: Sometimes my companion asks me to start the Gospel Principles class with a hymn while she writes on the chalkboard. And sometimes I'm the only one that knows the hymn and so I sing a solo. No biggie.
-While talking with a woman and her friend outside of her house we explained that we are missionaries and we are the female version of the Elders. The woman said that the Elders were always so handsome and that "There is no such thing and an ugly Mormon." To which I replied, "My brothers will be glad to hear that." (I'm just kidding you guys; you're all cutie pies.)
-Remember how I kept seeing squished tarantulas? Well, we saw a few live ones. My companion was talking to me as we were walking one night on our way home and she almost accidentally stepped one. Now every time I am walking down that street I am extra conscious of where my feet go.
-Fun culture-mixing story time. I bought pesto a few weeks ago to enjoy with my pasta. Y'all know I love me some basil. Well, while we were eating tacos my companion asked if she could have some of my "green salsa" (the word for sauce is salsa. Everything is salsa here). She wanted to put on her taco. I said it would probably not mix well and she looked confused, because every salsa goes with everything, right? So I let her try a little (not on her taco, I’m not that mean) and when she tried it her face pretty much said I was the weirdest person for wanting to eat that. Whatever. I like it.
-I sleep well here (I suspect it's because I'm in nearly a constant state of exhaustion these days, but I might be wrong) and it turns out that I sleep so well that I don’t even feel earthquakes that happen at two morning. But my companion freaked me out because she felt it.
-My district leader called one night and said, "Hey, I need a favor because you’re so big. Well, ok, it's not that big." “What’s not big, me or the favor?" "The favor! You’re enormous!" He's a shorty, so I forgive him.

This transfer:

-While teaching about the Book of Mormon and showing the images that are printed in the front of the blue copies, our investigator’s son saw the picture of Lehi and his family and said, "Hey, that's Santa!" My companion and I were dying.
-We always start off our lessons singing a song, but sometimes I get bored and a bit mischievous so when we asked one investigator if she wanted a happy song or a calm song and she replied, "Give me the best you've got!" I, naturally responded by singing Silent Night >:) I'm excited for Christmas. Sue me.
-Sometimes I get dressed on P-Day and go to Walmart and then look at the decorations around me and realize that I dressed myself for Halloween ... Haha.

-Sometimes people give us lots of food, so much food I feel like I am a hobbit. When that happens I ask the family if I can pray in English, to help my companion learn more English, and I say things like, "Father, thou knowest that we just ate, and we aren't hungry, but we have to eat more. Please help us finish this food too."
-We had a Noche Mexicana! ‘Twas fun, especially when we helped the bishop’s twin daughters dress up as missionaries:

(To be continued ….)

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