Sunday, August 16, 2015

Greetings From Gusave

Well, once again I have little time. 

I am now back in Sinaloa and in the most remote zone in the mission. And it’s a really small zone of only nine companionships. Really different than being in Obregon, where there were more than 15 in my last zone alone. So pretty much I only know what happens in my district and that's it. Guess I'll just have to be extra focused or something. :P

Here is less hot! It's still really hot when the sun is out, but when it rained on a few days this week it didn’t feel a sauna! Now the sun is back and it's ridiculously hot again, but I got a lovely welcome nonetheless.

Speaking of rain … rain on dirt streets makes mud. So after getting dolled up yesterday for church (gotta make a good first impression in the ward, of course) we went to stop by and visit some investigators, and while trying to find some wet earth instead of mud, I stepped wrong and right into wet mud … and almost lost my shoe. My companion, who was wearing rain boots, just laughed at me. I borrowed the investigator’s hose to clean my shoes off before we went to church.

My companion and a Young Single Adult girl in the ward have figured out what I really am: A hippie. Here, being a hippie means that you are chill and don't worry a lot. It has nothing to do with weed or tree hugging. Cultural differences are fun like that.

OK, next week I promise I will catch up on what happened the last week in Obregon.

Love you all!

Hna Anderson

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