Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wishes and Good News

August 25, 2014



Happy Monday, everyone! 


Last week on our preparation day we went to La Lagoona – ooo, ahhh! It's one of the few things we are allowed to do, but it's still not much. But we made wishes, for the heck of it. Hna Mendez wished for snow in Obregon, and I wished that we could eat carne asada (grilled meat – it's beyond delicious and I could happily eat it every day).

The next day while we were defrosting our freezer for the first time in five years, I pulled out the big chunks of frost and threw them outside to melt. This is what it looked like:

To me, that looks a bit like snow. So naturally I called my companion over and we laughed and said "Well looks like we're getting carne asada this week, haha!" Well, we then left to study at the chapel before our district meeting, and this was on the board:

I said, "Heavenly Father, that's not funny! And that doesn't count!" And then we laughed some more and said "Well, fake snow, fake meat. Guess it's only fair." But we were WRONG! The next day we had carne asada for lunch! Moral of the tale, Heavenly Father listens to the desires of our hearts and wants to give them to us, big and small. And also I think he might like to tease us a bit. 

Good News:


This is Beto. Hna Martinez and I street contacted him and he's really funny. Not like he likes to make jokes, but he makes us laugh because he just really likes to talk. About everything and nothing. And his voice is really soft, which makes it hard to follow sometimes. But he has a lot of faith and is super excited to be a member. Also, this was the guy who went up to the pulpit during fast and testimony meeting and called us "Señorita Anderson" and "Señorita Mendez". Now to help him work towards the temple!


Other highlights:

-I'm spending lots of quality time with cacti-I took pictures of a flower that came from a cactus that only blooms once a year and only for one night. So basically it's really rare and really awesome. Also, it's cactus fruit season – that's called pitilla, and it’s really tasty. That's right; I'm all exotic down here, eating cactus fruit.

-My companion ate her first PB&J sandwich. Her face was absolutely priceless, and she asked, “This is really kid’s food?"

-When talking about the weather with someone, they said "In September it will be much cooler, like, 37, 38 degrees Celsius." Now go Google how many degrees that is in Fahrenheit and you can laugh just like my companion and I did.

-I was trying to tell one of the kids we are teaching that I am a vampire. He didn't believe me, because "Vampires don't have zits." I had to give him that one. 

-There are some really overly loving people here. Like the inactive woman who told us, "Yeah, my foot hurts because a mouse bit me. It obviously was really hungry, so I fed it a tortilla and some cheese." The best part was that she was in her bed when the mouse bit her. Guess who did not want to be teaching in that house anymore. This hermana.


Alrghty, that's all of the notes I have for you all this week. Know that I love and miss you all!

Hermana Anderson

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