Sunday, September 28, 2014


September 22, 2014



Ok, I don't have much time.



-It's been cloudy this week. That means that it changes from one minute being really hot to the next being cloudy and wonderful. I thank my lucky stars for clouds, (and my Father in Heaven too, duh).

-On American busses, people listen to rap music really loudly. On Mexican busses they listen to Evanescense really loudly.  Maybe I mouthed along. Maybe I didn't. You'll never know because you're hundreds of miles away.

-One member wanted to google search all our houses (me, my companion, and the elders) and when he asked me for my address he said "Where do you live again? Provo?" I was indignant and the Elder from Saint George wouldn't stop laughing.

-We stopped by a less-active member’s house and they were having a party for their daughter and insisted that they give us candy bags. I was really excited, until I opened it and recognized only two things. A bag full of candy that I've never seen … and half of it is spicy. Oh, the struggle is real my friends. The struggle is real.


OK, next week I will have more, with pictures that I can't add right now because once again I am in the ghetto cyber without the nifty slot for my memory card and I forgot my cable. But! Look forward to an excess of pictures of me in those fancy-dancy Mexican twirly skirts! (you know the ones I mean). 

Love you all!

Hermana Anderson

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