Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Still Hate Spiders

August 8, 2014



I dunno why I picked that to start. It just felt like the right thing to say. Anyway … Highlights. Readygo:


-I swept dirt this week. Who needs rakes, right? Actually, the broom was easier to use than the rake, so there's that. With stuff like this I think, “Huh. Maybe I'll keep doing this after my mission.” Then I pause and say, “No, no … I will not sweep the dirt at my house when I go home.” Here it is practical. There it is crazy, and possibly redneck.

-When the streets flooded (again) this week, I saw someone else sweeping water. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and there's just no excuse to not care for your property. Not even a foot of semi-running water.

-While we were waiting for a bus we saw a cat crying on the other side of the street, so my companion said "Oh, give me some of your cereal! It's hungry!" The cat didn't eat the cereal. It half ran away, then kept crying.

-One of our less-active members was watching TV while we were over and I just happened to see that it was a documentary about black hair. First, why a documentary on any kind of hair? Second, why translate it to Spanish?

-We missionaries were talking in the hall after church on Sunday and Elder Bloxham said to Hermana Mendez, "Just so you know, there's a cricket under your shoe." For the past several weeks we've had a TON of crickets around, and they go pretty much wherever they want. Even into our second-floor apartment. Anyway, when she moved it ran and hid by my bag. A lot faster than crickets normally run. I kicked my bag, so I could maybe kick the cricket out the door but most likely just to squish it so it would stop bothering everyone. It ran again and tried to hide under the chair leg (didn't work, we all saw it) and wouldn't you know … it wasn’t a cricket, but a GINORMOUS SPIDER! Black and fuzzy and thick-legged with stripes and just all around nasty. I pointed to it and said, "THAT is not a cricket. THAT is a spider," and then promptly began to try to squish it. I looked like a sporadic clog dancer and one of my shoes nearly fell off, but guess who won. Not the spider. It was a baby Aragog (that's the giant spider in Harry Potter), and I therefore did not feel guilty about killing it.

-Sometimes, I get all fancied up for church: I do my hair (for once) I put on makeup (a serious miracle), and I actually think about what I want to wear (it's really hard picking clothes every day, ok?) and I look real purdy. It’s on these days that it rains harder than it ever has. And of course your lunch appointment is in the other side of your area.  

Not many highlights this week. Once again the week felt crazy short. But there should be some really great things to tell you all in the coming week. 

Con muchísimo amor!

Hermana Anderson

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