Sunday, September 14, 2014

Finally a Sombrero

September 8, 2014


Hello all!


Another week here in this steamy "paradise." But, it is cooling down! At least this week. Now since I said that this coming week is going to be really hot. Darn it.


Anywho, here are the highlights from this week in barrio Sochiloa:

-I got to sing in the choir! Actually, two different choirs. We had stake conference this past Sunday, and the week before the Bishop’s wife asked if we could sing at it. Since one of the things this ward REALLY needs is "mas animo" for the members, we of course said yes. The fun thing is that they needed more altos, so guess what this soprano did! Learned the alto part! It was so weird, and also really cool! I for sure received Heavenly help to learn four different songs in one week. I was also in a missionary choir for the conference, and that was super neat! But it was also lame because all during the practices the sisters sang really well and the elders sang ... less well. But during the conference itself this was reversed. And no one knows why.

-People here are hilarious. They tell me things like "Oh man, you look just like my son, except a girl." And then while we're singing the hymn to start the lesson they very sneakily take a picture of me with their cell phone. I worked really hard to not laugh at that.

-Also, people here are hilarious because they tell me things like the English word for "hamburger" is "hambugetty." And then we have a 10-minute conversation about the word "hambugetty."

-Let's play a game called "What do we use Vicks Vapor Rub for?" Is it:

  A) scrapes from falling on the pavement

  B) keeping mosquitos away

  C) getting rid of your mysterious cough

  D) all of the above

If you said D) all of the above, you were right! I never knew the stuff was so magical.

-Oh, also, in my weekly letter to President I told him that I was surprised that I wasn't training, and his reply was basically, "Hey, me too. But we both know this is what the Lord wants right now."

-One sister missionary asked me, "How long do you have? Like, eight months?" To which I responded, "No, four. Sister, we were in the MTC together." "Oh, yeah … I forgot about that. You just act like you have more time!" So I guess I can fake that I know what I am doing!

-We contacted a woman this week who has friends that live in Aurora. To be precise, near Buckley and Mississippi. What a small world. For those of you that don't live in my hometown, that's just a few miles from where I live and I passed it all the time to go to my middle school. Cool stuff :)

And, last but not least, I got to wear a sombrero!

I think I rock it.
Also, Elder Hutt photobombed me, so I'm sharing it with the internet. I still have a vengeful side, can I say?


Love you all!

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