Sunday, June 29, 2014

When It Rains ... It's Not Very Much ...

June 23, 2014


... at least not here. It sprinkled the other day and that was super-great because it was in the evening and there was a breeze and dear goodness it was a beautiful thing!


It's getting hotter but I think I'm getting used to it. I for sure am being blessed to be able to live, not to mention work 10-11 hours a day, in this sun. But Hermana Martinez recognized a big blessing in this: This week more than one person we talked to – one a member and the other an investigator – had gotten sick because they spent too much time in the sun. But we're happy and healthy (and tired and sweaty, but hey, that's la vida misional). We're super-duper being blessed to carry on the work here, which is incredible and great because this white girl needs all the help she can get. 


Ok, highlights:

-I'm fairly certain I'm close to mastering sleep walking.

-A less-active member offered us tattoo sleeves. Not actual tattoos, but the fake ones. We could wear them on our arms to protect them from the sun. I had to work so hard to keep it together, the thought of us wearing them ... I'm still laughing.

-All the time people ask me if I like this fruit or that fruit. And I have no idea what it is. Then they flip out and say, “What! You've never had this?! Eat this now! And eat lots!!”

-I get great ideas for decorating my future home, ideas like taping the toilet seats shut, putting a bathroom in that space under the stairs (yes, like where Harry Potter lived), and having a bunch of clocks in different parts of your house but none of them working and all of them stopped at different times. I heart Mexico. :)

-When a member tried to include me in the conversation and asked me if Colorado had any special food, I told them, "We have Rocky Mountain Oysters, but I don't know the words to describe them in Spanish." You should have seen everyone's face after they Googled it. Haha! "You've eaten that? Did you like it??! Ok, we use all the parts of a cow, minus that!" I died laughing.

-There is a Spanish version of Pig Latin, but you put an “f” in front of every syllable. Weirdest thing ever. Naturally I want to learn it. After I learn Spanish, that is.

-What I need for my training is an episode of 'The District' where they talk to a stubborn old Catholic woman.

-We had a Father's Day party this week and as a treat we had Tacos de Cabeza. Yes, head tacos. The meat was from the head of a pig. I asked my companion three or four times if it REALLY was from a pig. It really was. And it was delicious.

-Being “adjusted to the heat” means you're used to sweating all the time.

-DELICIOUS SUMMER FOOD! Ok, this is super-easy and super-wonderful. Buy seedless grapes. Wash and dry said seedless grapes. Freeze the seedless grapes. Enjoy this frozen deliciousness. You're welcome.

-Cockroaches are immortal. Yesterday we had one in the bathroom. Fortunately it was in the door so I could do this:

Then I cut off the head with scissors. Here's the best part: For several HOURS after I cut off the head, the Legs, Kept, MOVING! Like it was still trying to run away!! EW!!

-Or new apartment is great but it lacks a few things. Like spoons. And forks. And butter knives. So this is how I spread my peanut butter:

Ghetto fabulous. Rustic. Dangerous. Call it what you will, I'll have some interesting habits to break when I get home. Oh, and my comp eats cereal with that.


Miracle!! OK, I feel like most of the time we have to work and wait, and hope and just have faith (oh, and sweat lots) before we can see miracles, but yesterday was an exception! As we were walking, Hermana Martinez said "I'm hungry." I replied, "Me, too." And then there was a mango on the sidewalk in front of us. It's early for mangos, but this baby was ready and had fallen from the tree earlier and was just waiting to feed a couple of hungry sister missionaries. :D


Have a fantastic week everyone!


Hermana Anderson

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