Sunday, June 8, 2014

Perks of Being a White Girl

Perks of Being a White Girl

June 2, 2014


OK, I know the subject of this email might not sound very missionary-like, but it was a whole lot shorter than "People just randomly stop and talk to me and my companion(s) when we're waiting somewhere or just walking simply because I'm white and stick out, but that's a good thing because we want to talk to lots of people anyways!" That was just too long. Plus I got to semi use a pop culture reference (I don't have a lot of opportunities for that here. Weird) But seriously, SO many times this week. But, all but one of them have led to a contact/referral nearby. It's seriously been awesome to see.


OK, highlights:

-I bought yogurt one night for breakfast in the morning, but turns out it was pudding. I’m still working on my Spanish....

-I saw a man in his house using a brick for a pillow.

-My companion told a less active to turn to Adán, chapter 4....she meant Génesis. I just about died laughing.

-I had lunch in a house built for midgets! It was deceptive though, because the house appeared TOTALLY normal, until you got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and your knees were almost to the wall.

-I saw a dead cat and a dead rooster in the road (On different occasions).

-I promise I do more than just look at dead animals.

-People like to use their English on me, no matter how much(or little) they know. In the past three weeks I have been asked far too many times, "Are you boring?" They meant bored...I hope.

-Brothers and sisters are the same everywhere. We had lunch with a family yesterday and for dessert we had Oreos. When the brother went to put them away, the sister held her hand out for one and said "wait, I didn't get one." He grabbed her hand, shook it, and said "Nice to meet you." They're 24 and 26.

-For the first time in my life I had the thought "I want an umbrella hat." Wait, not true; the first time since I saw Bill Murray with one in the movie Space Jam.


Other than these and other adventures (like the tree that a bunch of cockroaches kept falling out of) this week has been hot and full of humidity and humility. At least I'm trying to be humble. It's not so easy. That's why Heavenly Father sent me here – to sweat the pride out of me.

Also, because I know it's super important, here's me ghetto-eating a waffle the district leaders made (it’s ghetto because we had paper towels for plates and no forks. Woot woot).



Also again, turns out that I am rubbish at washing clothes by hand, but I still feel super proud of me for doing it. (And also I hope they are actually clean).


Love you all!!!


Hermana Anderson



  1. For a good time, you can teach the kids who are rude or impolite (translated as those kids who cuss at you in English because it's fun for them) to say, "I'm a weenie." They can say it perfectly, and it's easy to remember, and the next Gringo or Gringa missionary will have kids run up and say that rather than the cuss words.

    1. Noah, I passed your advice on to Dallyn in my email to her tonight. I'm sure she will appreciate it.