Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ogre Feet

Ogre Feet

May 26, 2014

Okay, talk about a crazy week (I’m pretty sure I’m going to say that every week…)



-I have eaten more sushi/California rolls here this past week than the rest of my whole life (granted I didn´t eat very much before, so it´s only mildly impressive, considering I ate it twice this week).

-I saw a dead rat in the street. Don´t worry, I looked with my eyes, not my hands.

-Parrots might be the very worst possible idea as a pet. They are loud, and fight, and are loud, and need lots of space, and are loud, and poop on your floor, and try to bite you, and did I mention that they´re loud??

-Every day when I come home I look at my legs and feet and think "Oh! I got a little tan!" Then after my shower I'm white again.

-My companion's family sent her candy so she shared it with everyone at our district meeting. Turns out, it was spicy! Spicy candy! The whole time I was eating it I just sat there and thought "Even the candy is spicy, who does that?!?!?!!!" (Sage, if you don't laugh hysterically at that we're not friends).

-I had my first companion exchange! For those of you that aren´t mission lingo savvy, that means we switched companions for roughly 24 hours. We got lost! Like four times! And we took the bus around the city – twice! By accident! Yay, Mexican adventures!

-At one point when we were lost on the bus I looked out the window and saw a woman wearing a football helmet and pulling a dumpster. You read that correctly. Hna Shiraiki and I just laughed hysterically and said "What?? Where are we living right now??" (Hna Shiraiki is Japanese, from Hawaii, started her English degree at BYU, and is super-duper awesome. Plus she speaks English with me. I love English :-D ).


OK ...  ogre feet: Remember how I said that my foot was mysteriously large and we thought it was a bug bite? Eh, not so much. My feet kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger still. Yay – just what a girl likes. So, long story short, we went to the hospital to see the mission doctor. He said it was most likely a lot of things – dehydration, climate change, all the heat, all the walking – but also a circulation problem, since I´m so tall and whatnot. So he gave me some meds to help my veins relax and work better, told me to keep doing the elevation thing, and to wear “medicas de compresion,” or basically really tight nylons. It´s a bajillion degrees here and I have to wear tights. Boo. (I´m still working on the not whining thing. Baby steps, baby steps) But, my feet are getting better! Still not totally normal, but better!!

Seriously, paint those things green and call me Hermana Fiona. 


For some reason there was a whole lot of walking and knocking this week, but not a bunch of teaching.  However, since we had an investigator at church we got to stay all three hours! Hooray!! (Mission rules are that if you don´t have an investigator, after Sacrament Meeting you get out and work. We are not messing around down here. As you can see in this photo of me and my companion):


This is hard, but this is great. Learning lots, having really powerful experiences, and for sure figuring out how to depend on the Lord, not on myself.


Love you all!!!!

Hermana Anderson


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