Sunday, June 15, 2014

Holy Crazy, Batman

June 9, 2014


Heeeeeyyyy!!!!! This week was, you guessed it … crazy!! I don´t even know where to start. First, Happy June! One month in Mexico and no sunburns yet!



-I was fed salad...with ketchup. And it´s not as gross as it sounds.

-One member who sells clothes fed us lunch this week and wouldn´t let us leave without taking a skirt or shirt. I have a lovely dark purple skirt.

-I had my first ward activity! It was a talent show, and it ranged from me being a vampire to an 11-year-old’s rendition of "What Does the Fox Say?" I totally sang along.

-Me being a vampire was a sketch, and it went like this: Two missionaries were walking and were cornered by a vampire. As a last request, the missionaries taught the vampire, and the vampire was converted and baptized. But one night the vampire reverted to her former ways and found someone to drink their blood. They tried to hold up a cross to protect themselves, but the vampire just said, "HA! Soy mormona!!"

-I´m getting better at spicy food.

-You can´t eat ice cream slowly. On that note, my cone almost fell on the ground, cartoon-style.

- I´m starting to get a Northern Mexican accent. That means that my ´ch´ sounds come out like ´sh´. Mushas gracias.

-A member told me that I´m like one of those really old photos – the vintage ones where no one smiles. Her daughter said I look like a porcelain doll ... apparently I´m an old soul here, too.

-Music in English is the worst. It gets stuck in my head. Mexican music goes in one ear and out the other.

-I think there is a universal magnet in all small children to all church stands/ pulpits.

-I am going to come home addicted to limes. I can eat them with salt now and hardly pucker my face. Like a boss.

-Today I had to go to another city for visa stuff, so I went with a senior missionary couple and we took a bus, the nice kind with potties and TVs, not the regular Mexican ones where they drive with the doors open (true story) and are missing windows. They showed The Hobbit and The Avengers. I was starting to worry my inner Nerd was dying. No worries; it´s alive and well. Also, Golum´s voice in Spanish is awesome.


OK, my favorite part of the week: I was on divisions in a different area (we had two divisions this week, and the second was really last-minute) and we went to an investigator´s house for the first time and at one point during the lesson he asked me if I could speak English, because he couldn´t tell because my accent was so good!! YAAAYYY!! Then, after then lesson, he wanted me to pray in English and so I did. And ‘lanta that was hard! Spanish totally slipped in there! Yay progress! I still struggle and there´s so much I can’t say, but it feels so good to know I am getting better!


I´m being transferred already! After four weeks! But it´s just one ward over, so not too drastic. Here´s hoping I did everything I was supposed to in Barrio Mayo. Barrio Sochiloa, here I come!


I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From your missionary in progress, 

Hermana Anderson


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  1. Greetings from the motherland! :) It's so fun to follow your journey. I'm having flashbacks to being new in Korea. (Maybe I'll finally do something with those pictures. They're out of the box and sorted, so it's a start!) It's like landing on a strange planet that you come to love dearly. I'm so glad you're doing well. You are often in our family prayers. Hugs from all of us!