Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Editor’s note: This post starts with four pictures that should have been included with last week’s post:

This is what it looks like when missionaries climb through tunnels they don't fit in.

When I told her "I'm not letting you down." I'm such a meanie.

The coolest missionaries to ever roam the streets of Los Mochis

This is pretty much how I feel. Now, and forever.

Now … to this week:

Sorry guys, no time for anything!! But, I will share this super quick, because it makes me really happy.

A member gave me this yesterday; a 1957 version of The Book of Mormon. It's old and big a beautiful and every time I see it I do a little happy dance. 

Plus there are cool historical photos inside.

Sorry again. Love you!!

Hna Anderson

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