Saturday, March 21, 2015


March 16, 2015


So much to do and say and so little time to do and write it! 


-While chatting with an investigator before starting the lesson:
Investigator "Are you guys married?"
Hna Siza "No, no one loves/wants us."
Investigator "Why not?"
Hna Anderson "Because we're ugly."
Investigator. "Oooohhh."
Like that explained everything. -.-

-Jokes I need to stop making: "Everything as clear as coke?" I used to say that it was clear as mud, but Coca-Cola pretty much owns Mexico so I've changed it a bit. But, not all of my investigators have a really stand-up past, so when I made that joke one of them thought I was talking about cocaine. Ay no. I do repent.

-Funniest thing of the week: While we were looking for a reference there was a man sitting out on his porch, reading his bible and watching us as we got closer. We got a bit turned around and ended up little bit away from his house. When I looked at him again he had his bible right up in front of his face … hiding from us. That made me laugh a bit, then I started looking for the house again. The one we were looking for was his neighbor’s, and as we walked over I nearly died laughing because the man was peeking out from one side of the bible to see if we were coming to his house or not.

-In the fun-food-eating department, I ate nopales, which is a kind of cactus. The way it was prepared it pretty much just tasted like a pepper.

-My companion taught me a name for Satan that I had never heard of. It's a shorter form of Lucifer, and it's pronounced "Loser." She said that in the middle of a lesson and I nearly died.

Last week for our preparation day we did a baby photo shoot at a cool, rundown, overly-graffitied ghetto building near our house. We took a ton of pictures, but here are a few of the ones that I liked the most.
 "Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things...ponder it in your hearts." 
Moroni 10:3

Hello! Just hiding behind this wall!

Update from my pre-mission photoshoot.

Finding light in times of darkness.

This week for our preparation day we went hiking! Or walking. Either way it was really fun. And I got to wear jeans. I love jeans. And my Outlaws shirt. Winning all around. The other missionary with us is Hermana Garcia Soto. Her companion is a Sister Training Leader and had to go to Obregón, so she got to come and play with us. She's a doll :)

What's at the top of the hill? A giant virgin! She scared me a little bit.

I call this one, "As Sisters in Zion."

“Ahome” pretty much means “awesome.”

Fun things to do with your companion: Say, “Hey, hermana, let's take a picture of me giving you a piggyback!” And then wiggle around while she spreads her arms out. I'm laughing, and she's screaming in terror.

This is the best thing of my life. It spins, really fast. And I love it and want one in my backyard when I get home.

Well, hopefully all the pictures make up for the severe lack thereof last week. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Anderson.  

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