Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just Like Home and Milestones




-One night this week we came home to no power. We flipped all the switches and … nothing. We'd paid the bill on time, our neighbors had power, and we had no idea what to do. So we called the elders. They said to check the interruptor electromagnetico ... because I know what that is. After flipping all the switches in the electricity-related-looking-thing we called the elders again. Fortunately they were with a brother from the ward in his car, so they could just drive over to help. They got here with Brother Ortiz and in about five seconds we had power. There was one master switch at the front of the house that we had no idea existed. On the bright side, it was an easy fix. On the cloudy side, the elders thought it was really funny, especially Elder Cutler. Oh wells.

-My last name is still difficult. This week I was Hermana Alison.

-Things I never thought I would be told: "No, Hermana! You can't use that bucket as a chair because it has urine in it!" One of our investigators is really old and hurt her foot so she can't get out to her bathroom. So she has a five-gallon bucket to her business. I'm just really glad she told me, because I was totally going to flip it over and sit on it.

-The weather has pretty much gone crazy. Hot, cold, rainy, misty … all in one day. If you added in some snow and mountains on the horizon it would be just like home.

-Speaking of rain, Hna Siza and I have a new fun game: walk on the wet dirt and not in the mud. Since we have some dirt streets in our area the rain has made things really fun. And I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way. Especially when the really proper member that is accompanying you falls in the mud.

-Yesterday the elders in the ward, who are also the Zone Leaders, called us and told us that today we were going to do a practice over the phone; that we had to do our very best baptismal invitation. And we did it. And it was the weirdest thing of my life, teaching to a cell phone.


Well, this past week, I hit nine months. I have passed the halfway point and am officially on the downhill in my time here in the mission. The good news is that I still have nine months to learn, get better, and just all around serve. But the bad news is that I only have nine months to learn, get better, and just all around serve. Yikes. No time for slacking!

Love you all!

Hna Anderson

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