Sunday, February 22, 2015

God's Army and Valentine's Day

Oh dear goodness, so many things to tell you all I just have to get started right this minute!!


-That awkward moment when you are talking to a fellow American and for some reason your words come out in English, not Spanish, and he tells you, "Hermana, no; don't speak English. You sound dumb." :(

-We got fog a couple mornings this week! It was really cool and crisp and wonderful. Then hot in the afternoons. Tis my mission, what can I do about it?

-I am now certain that I will never have an American companion. We would just be too crazy. We had exchanges this week and this time I got to go work with Hermana Garry, who is fabulous. But also crazy.

After taking this picture we looked at it and died laughing. Then we said something like, "Oh no, we're missionaries? This is who makes up God's Army!"

-While waiting downtown for the STLs to start said exchanges, Hna Siza and I were waiting outside a shoe store and they had sandals and flip flops on display. It was a warm day and while looking at them I thought. "Oh, summer is coming." And I started remembering all my lovely summer memories, and getting out of school and going to the mountains … Then I realized, "No, summer is NOT coming. It is FEBRUARY! Where do I live?"

-I got to eat asparagus this week. For those of you who don't know, I love that tasty green vegetable. And I was super-duper happy.:D

-While talking with some members about weird national holidays I found out that in Peru there is a Día de Pollo, or Chicken Day. And people just buy and eat chicken. Guess who will have her own personal chicken day when she returns to the U.S.

-That really frightening moment when you are teaching a lesson outdoors and hear something like a dinosaur growling (I know I sound like a nine-year-old boy, but that’s what it sounded like). That frightening moment turns into a hysterical one when you realize that sound came from a nearby rooster.

-So, this week was Valentine’s Day. If you don't know how I feel about February 14th you can check out my blog post from V-Day last year. Or you could look at the following picture, because it pretty much says the same thing.

-BUT!! It was a really great Valentine's Day, because we had a baptism!!

This is Roberto Razo Luna. He's 28, shy, has had a really hard life, and is so, so ready for this gospel. Because none of his family lives here he has to live in a rehab center, even though he lives completely clean. But because he lives there he has to follow the rules, and so we could only teach him on Sundays during Sunday school. And that meant that we had to teach all five of the lessons in exactly five weeks (the entire Plan of Salvation in an hour-and-a-half). But because the Lord prepared him super well, it worked out. He's a real sweetheart and it's been wonderful to see him grow more confident and understand more and more of what it means to be a son of God.

-And another one on Sunday! Kind of. I'll explain:

This is Angie. She's eight years old and both her parents are members but are inactive. So, she's not really "our" baptism, she's "the ward's". But since her parents are inactive (she goes to church with her aunt and uncle who are super strong members and really cool), Bishop said that she needed the missionary lessons first before she could be baptized. And that we had less than two weeks to do it. So once again we taught the five lessons, in only a couple weeks. But this time to a child. We've learned a lot this transfer about teaching simply. But Angie is super smart, and super excited about the gospel, so it was actually pretty easy. She's such a sweetie and way fun. 


Well, transfers were this week. And nothing changed. I will be spending another six weeks in Del Valle with Hna Siza, and with both Elder Rodriguez and Elder Cutler. This is starting to reflect spookily of my time in Sochiloa ... but we'll see what this transfer brings.

Love you all!

Hermana Anderson

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