Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Names No One Can Remember

Hello everyone!

Can you believe that January is nearly over? Neither can I.


-I have learned over the last few weeks that scented toilet paper weirds me out. I have no explanation; it just does.

-I killed my first cockroach of the year! And it was really big -.- I don’t want winter to go away, because in winter there are hardly any bugs.

-Speaking of bugs! The other day while we were teaching, a dragonfly landed on my scriptures! I didn’t have my camera, but it made me think of back in August when I got that butterfly on my finger. I also felt very movie-like with the dragonfly.

-While writing in my journal, in English, about an inactive sister, instead of writing "she went inactive" I wrote "she went inactivated." English is fun.

-Somebody stole the lightbulb from our front porch this week. It doesn’t really matter because we never use it, but I just have to wonder why. A lightbulb costs five pesos. Weirdos.

-One day that was cold and cloudy (‘twas lovely) we were talking with the four-year old granddaughter of an investigator and asked her what the pieces of Styrofoam on the ground were. She said it was snow. The little cutie.

-Ward meetings during the third hour of church are good and bad. Good because the people in my ward need to go to the temple. Bad because I can't go until I get home and I really, really miss it.

-We're teaching a woman named Elena and sometimes also her son, Chewy (yes, it's pronounced like the Wookie from Star Wars). We haven’t seen him for a few weeks so we had him say the closing prayer. Well, Anderson is a hard last name, and so he said, "Thank you that Hermana Siza and Hermana Elsa could come."

-I was talking with my district leader, Elder Wight, while he was in our ward for exchanges and last names came up. In Mexico and other Latin countries people have two last names; one from their dad and one from their mom. So Elder Wight asked what my last name would be, and I told him 'Anderson Wickman' (that's just so beyond masculine I don’t know what to do with myself). A few minutes later he said "Wait, what was it? Anderson Witwicky? No, wait, that's not right … that's from Transformers!"


This week we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and I stayed in Del Valle and worked with Hna Sanchez. We had some really neat experiences, I learned a ton, but there was one lesson that just made me feel like, well, a missionary. That night, a bunch of plans fell through – people not home, investigators going to celebrate their birthdays, things like that. So we went to visit a less-active member named Paloma. Paloma is great. She's 23 years old with two kids and is only less-active because her husband works a ridiculous number of hours, so she'd have to handle two very busy kids at church on her own. But she's seriously a rock star. Well, we arrived and I honestly had no idea what we were going to teach. After the prayer, I got an idea but before I could say anything, Paloma said "Sisters, I'm so glad you're here because I really need your help!" She then shared some of the difficulties she has been having, which, to be honest, I have never dealt with and I had no idea what to say. At one point, even, while Paloma was distracted by her two-year old daughter, I said to my companion, "How can we help her? What are you thinking?" But then after Paloma had expressed herself we just started talking. Hna Sanchez shared a scripture and expounded on it, and while she did that, three different scriptures came to me in this order: Alma 32:27, 41, Ether 12:27, D&C 50:40-42. As I read and talked about each one of these scriptures I felt the Spirit working in me, telling me what to say and how to say it. I can’t even begin to describe how it felt teaching that lesson. At the end, Paloma felt a lot better and said she knew what she needed to do. She thanked us over and over for coming and said that she knew that Heavenly Father had sent us to her in that exact moment to help her as no one else could.

Well, as a member and missionary I've heard lots of stories like this. Lots. But never have I ever felt so much like an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I wish I had words to express how it felt as we left that lesson. Some words that come close are humbled, dumbfounded, happy, and peaceful. Mix all those together and make a word and that's what I felt. And with that I testify that God can use any person, no matter how weak, to do His work. Even me.

Love you all, and have a wonderful week :) 

Hermana Anderson

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