Saturday, January 17, 2015


January 12, 2015


How's it going? Good? Good. Glad to hear it. So, here's some stuff about my life this week:


-So, I brought this pair of shoes out here on the mission with me and a few months after I got here I asked my parents to send me a few more of the same kind. Well, they finally arrived (four months after my parents sent the package) and I realized that my shoes have changed a little bit in my time here as a missionary:

I honestly can’t believe they are the same shoes.

-I have to do things to try to keep my toes warm in the morning so I can focus on my studies. Things like wear super-cool Frida Kahlo socks with my Toms. (Thank you Aunt Stephanie!!)

-OK, so I forgot to tell you all last week, but we had transfers! I am still here rocking it in Del Valle, but I have a new companion, Hermana Siza! She's 21 and from Peru. She has been on her mission for about four months. (She actually came here with my last Peruvian companion, Hermana Gonzales.) 

-It was funny, because, naturally, I have to introduce her to everyone, but since her last name is not Mexican it's hard for some people to pronounce. SO … the other night someone said, "Wait, what's your last name? Suzy?" Well, I guess that sometimes her last name is hard for her too, because she said, "No, it's Sassy! Wait, no, Siza!!"

-Things I hear here I have never heard in the US: "So when do you start school?" "I dunno." You what??

-That awful moment when you ask the lady who works at the cyber café to help you get sound on your computer (so that you can pick new churchy music, naturally) and to test the sound she goes to YouTube and picks the new Taylor Swift video. Urg.


Alrighty. I love you lots. Have a wonderful week; can't wait to hear from you next Monday :)

Hna Anderson

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