Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yay For Modern Medicine!

January 19, 2015


Buenas tardes/días/noches (depending on when you're reading this)

The title comes from the fact that dramatic medical things keep happening to me and my companion. The other week I got a stomach infection, and this week my companion woke up with really bad back pain. But never you worry; Mexican meds (as sketchy as they may sound) are really great. Except my poor companion had to buy a shot (you can buy shots here, and then your friend, neighbor, or someone who knows how, gives you the injection. Crazy, right?) for her back and the shot really hurt. But now her back feels better! But the bad news is that she needs two more shots to finish the treatment. Guess who's going to start doing yoga and stretching so that she doesn’t have to get shots like her companion.


-One of the members in the ward has an emergency bathroom. There's the regular bathroom, which is all nice with the shower and everything – just a regular bathroom. But then she has this other closet-like thing with another toilet. Just in case. Guess who got to use the emergency bathroom. And it was only a little scary to use it, with a bunch of tools all close to me.

-One day we went down a street to find people to contact until our next appointment. And there was nobody around. So we took a couple pics.

Don't you worry. I'm still me.

-Another morning all of our plans fell through and there was (once again) nobody around to contact. So we took a few more pics.

We tried like six times to get one of me smiling but I kept closing my eyes. Then I got distracted and this is what we ended up with.

I think it's funny to see a corn field and palm trees together.

I saw this tree and it felt important. Don’t ask, I'm just telling you.

-I for sure will not be getting scurvy (because I know you were all really worried about that) because for some reason I have eaten a lot of oranges this week. Just thought you all should know.

-Walking along one day I saw something familiar. Then I remembered that it was almost the Super Bowl and I felt homesick. But then I also remembered that I don’t actually care about American football and felt better.

-It's starting to get hot again. Not like before, obviously, but it's starting. Brace yourselves for my whining. And perhaps requests for sunscreen....

Love you all. Talk to you soon!

Hermana Anderson

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