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Esperase para Agosto

August 11, 2014
Hello lovelies!
I can't believe that I'm saying this, but Happy August!! Tomorrow, August 12, makes three months in Mexico, and I am very proud to say that I have yet to be sunburned!! Huzzah!!
Alrighty, here's catch-up from last week:
Last week's highlights:
-Somebody legit thought I was 17.
-The city buses here are super fun and have all sorts of different stickers and decorations and stuff. I saw one pass that said TRANSFORMERS across the windshield. All I could think was "changechangechangechange!"
-For the very first time in my life I ate octopus. I even saw some of the sucker things. I covered it in lime juice (like everyone does to everything here) and it was uber tasty.
-Mexicans are super tough. I knew this, but I just keep seeing it more and more. Like when one member had a cut/burn thing on his arm and he just straight up put lime juice on it. Like It Was Nothing!!
-One day while waiting for our food I found myself randomly singing our National Anthem. Good news everyone: I still love America. (As if I could stop.)
-One of our investigators wants to close his Carneceria and open an Oxxo, which is kinda like a 7-Eleven without the gas. He asked me if I wanted to work in it. Not my companion, just me. He said I could split my time there and with the missionary work. I cannot even begin to explain how hard my companion and I laughed.
-Testimony meetings here are fun because:
  -People go up just to announce that they're engaged! And then close said announcement “in the Name of Jesus Christ, etc.”
 -Your investigator, who is sitting with members and not with you, decides to go up to the pulpit…
 -… and then calls you Senorita Anderson…
 -… and then offers a prayer because he's not familiar with what a testimony meeting is.
-My mission is making me (even more) weird because I say things like: “Woah! Someone ran over that mouse. Look! Wow, there's its brain! And its insides! Cool! Ok, let's go find that referral!"
This week’s highlights:
-“First Aid in Spanish” for a ward activity....uhhh......huh???
-That awkward moment when you street contact someone and they say "come over any time!" Then when you do come over she doesn't remember you and says, "Are you from a religion? No thanks." We laughed.
-Oh. My. Lanta. Mexican house numbers and addresses. I'm becoming more and more convinced that people just make up whatever number they want. "Meh, this is more or less close to my neighbor's house number. We'll go with this." We were looking for a less active member and the numbers went from 163 to 186, then 200 something. We were looking for #171. I suggested to my companion that the houses had been translated so we didn't have to worry about looking for them. We also laughed a lot about this. The numbers are just so bizarre!
-Teaching kids is fun. We have an 11-year-old investigator who is super-excited and just, oh man, gold. I wish every investigator could have his enthusiasm. Everyone would be active forever. But he is 11, so explaining things to him is fun. Like the Godhead and how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have bodies but the Holy Ghost doesn't. We spent a good chunk of time explaining “el Espíritu Santo” to him. Eventually he got it and said "Oh! He's a spirit, so that's why he's called the Holy Spirit!" Then when we talked about how he's invisible he said, "And if we throw paint at him? Can we see him then?" We laughed and laughed and laughed.
-He also told us he will be getting married in the temple. Again, he is 11. And he sings Families Can Be Together Forever all the time. And each time he sings it with a different tune. It's adorable and drives my musical ear crazy.
-Don't write "triste Satanás" (darn or stupid, Satan) in your scriptures. It's not missionary-like. I didn't do that. Almost, but not, I did not. Yet. Just kidding, I won’t do that.
I am petitioning for Disney Princess status. This butterfly stayed on my finger for a good 10-15 minutes of walking.
Surprise! I got transferred to Paris!!! Or not. But there's a random tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower in the Elder's area, so naturally we had to go take pictures with it. For all of you who guessed that I was going to France, here you go.

My companion and me. She is adorable and a missionary machine and I love her. Also, she thinks I'm funny so that's always a plus. :D
OK, about the title: Ever since I got here people have told me that we are going to die of heat in August and that it's miserable. Well, it's actually been really great and rained nearly every day. It's not normal – last year it only rained two times in August – but this year has been awesome and quite possibly the best month since I got here. But sometimes we get a little bit wet from the downpour.

And oh how I love it.
Till next week! Love you all!
Hermana Anderson

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