Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lots of Unconnected Things

Hey all,

So I feel like the last few weeks I haven't had a lot of email-y things to send, so this will be a mix of lots of stuff that's happened.


-I was messing with my hair during a lesson (I just really want to cut it off again. I know the curls are pretty, but I am missing my pixie cut) and out of nowhere our 57-year-old investigator says, "Sister, you should leave your hair down. You look like Jennifer Lopez." Orale, well, thank you. I think I look like I need a shower, but thank you very much.

-I love the sushi here. Not because it is authentic, but because I can order it with steak and bacon. And it's right around the corner from our house. And its 2-for-1 every day so it only costs 75 pesos(that's about 5 bucks) for the two of us to eat. It’s a beautiful thing.

-That awful moment when you are teaching under a tree and all of a sudden something wet falls on you. At least it was just bird pee, not bird poo. It took me a while to get focused again.

-Speaking of falling, while you’re teaching a lesson, even if you try to be sneaky about putting a piece of hard candy in your mouth to give you a little sugar buzz to keep you from dozing (I live tired) you probably shouldn't do it, because it will probably fall down and end up distracting everyone who is there. And you’ll embarrass yourself.

-Aaand some good – and surprising – news … It's not that hot! It's still hot, but not like it was last year. PLUS … there are clouds. Last summer, aside from when it rained, there wasn't a single wisp of a cloud. But now there are lots of pretty clouds that do incredible things like this:

And today I had my last visa trip to Guaymas before I go home. I'm freaking out a little bit about how quickly I will be back on American soil.

But, meanwhile, here's me with a cool hill and my friend from Argentina, Hna Franco:

Love you all!! :)

Hermana Anderson

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