Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Hello, everyone.

Another week in Reforma and here's what went down:


-There is a pair of twins in our ward; we're teaching their dad and their mom takes really good care of us. Well, their birthday was this week so naturally we had to have a Family Home Evening with cake. During the lesson we asked them if there was something that they really wanted. One said, "I want cows." The other said, "I would like some goats." Teenage boys are pretty much the same no matter where you go.

Also, they make me think of my brothers.

-That moment when a middle aged man asks you, "Do you know what a zombie is?" Are you kidding? Do you have any idea what I learned about Zombies reading The Zombie Survival Guide and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?? But that translated first into missionary and then into Spanish comes out, "Sí, hermano."

-I know I'm only 22 but I might secretly be older. This week my companion has found several white hairs on my head. Not like blonde, bleached-by-this-ridiculous-sun hairs, but straight up white. Errr …at least they're pretty??

-We had a "mini-MTC" this week, which was basically a multi-zone meeting with lots of practices, food, and a couple games. While greeting one of my Zone Leaders, he looked puzzled and said, "You look different." "Elder, I have makeup on." Since that's what I did way back when I was in the MTC, I decided to put makeup on for this event. (The MTC feels like a lifetime ago.) Fun times.

Here's a group of sisters from said mini-MTC.

-Today when we went to go buy the tortilla for our lunch (that was a really Mexican sentence) I heard a mariachi version of Hotel California. Weird as it may sound I enjoyed it and will be buying it when I return home.

OK, now for something embarrassing: Yesterday my companion had to go to the hospital for dehydration. When that happens here they give you an IV with something called suero, which is magic and helps you get better. They also took some blood so they could run some tests to make sure everything was okay because her blood pressure was really low. After they took her blood, which was really different from how they took my blood back in the States, and hooked up her medicine, I started to feel funny. Then I realized that I was starting to faint. I leaned against the wall just in case I really did faint. My companion noticed and once the nurse left she told me that somehow I had become even whiter. Then she said I looked like Sully did in Monsters Inc., when he thought that Boo was being squished in the trash-cuber thingy. Then we couldn't stop laughing, which was good because she really didn’t feel well and needed a good laugh. But also everyone looked at us like we were crazy because we were cracking up in a hospital. I guess my preschool dreams of being a doctor will not be realized because apparently I faint around blood. Que vergüenza (What a shame –ed).

Love you all!!

Hermana Anderson

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