Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Don't Think We're in Sochiloa Anymore

October 20, 2014


Hello friends, family, and all other loved ones!


This week flew by, and I am both happy and sad to report that we worked so much that I didn't take any pictures :( That's a good and bad thing I guess. 

Things are different, as you might expect. But to be honest, they are different in ways that I never imagined possible. But, I'll tell ya'll about that after the highlights. ;D 


-So, remember how my companion is really little? People like to comment on that. Like the less-active member that we visited who asked me, "Did you come with a baby this time?" It's a good thing Hermana Gonzales has a decent sense of humor.

-People also keep asking her if she's related to Hna Mendez. I dunno why, but that makes me giggle.

-That awkward moment when you are teaching and the 14-year-old decides to stop listening to you and suck on her husband’s ear. Or maybe she was just kissing him. And yes, you read that correctly: fourteen years old with a husband. The lesson didn't last much longer than that, oddly enough.

-The temperature is going down! I hardly sweat during the day and more than once we forgot to turn on the AC for our planning session and didn't notice. Before, I would sweat so much even with the AC that my knees would slip around on the tiles during our prayers.

-My companion was teaching me these tongue-twister like things to help me talk faster in Spanish. Well, apparently I said something not good because she started laughing hysterically and said to not say that one any more, but she wouldn't tell me what I said or what it meant.

-People here like American music, and apparently the children of the Relief Society President like Black Eyed Peas. Therefore I got to hear a collection of their songs, including "Don't Phunk With My Heart" and "My Humps." Why? Why!! 

-I have no idea what I am doing. But apparently I fake it really well, because people keep telling me I'm doing a good job.


OK, the title. To be honest, I can't believe that I am in the same area that I have been for the past few transfers. All of a sudden, things are ... easier? No, not easier -- they're still really hard (this is a mission, after all) -- but not everything is an uphill battle. Like the fact that we invited people to be baptized, and they said yes. And they are really excited about it. And it happened more than once this week. And others are going to pray about whether they should be baptized. And OH! There are actually people in the street that we can contact!! And they don't all say "No!!" like they have for months!! 

Where am I?? 

Who knows? But I do know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He's answered mine, and he is listening to yours. For those of you who have told me "I pray for you all the time," Well, I can tell you that He is for sure listening.  

This is going to be a great transfer. Hard as all get-out, but really, really great despite it all :) 

Until next week!


Hermana Anderson


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