Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Transfer Done??

October 6, 2014

Hello, loved ones! I can't believe it, but it's the last week of transfers! Who knows where I'll be a week from now. Crazy, right? 

Alrighty, here we go… 


-We were looking for a less-active member's house that we had never been to. We thought we'd found it, but with the crazy Mexican house numbering we weren´t sure (there wasn't actually a number on the house – or the one next to it – and they do not always go in sequential order). So we asked the neighbor if so-and-so lived there. Thing is, the neighbor was a 90-year-old who was hard of hearing. And the other neighbor was blasting 60s rock ballads. It made me laugh, and then miss my dad.

-People keep bugging me to use an umbrella. I don't want to: it's not that hot anymore and my arm gets tired.

-I ate liver for the first time this week, which is weird considering I'm from a family of hunters. Definitely did not love it, but I have eaten much grosser things in my life.

-Also, I dodged a bullet and did not have to eat cow stomach this week! Almost five months in Mexico without eating that or chicken feet. I feel very proud of myself.

-One of the really cool things about serving and doing divisions with other companionships is that I get to work with people from literally all over the world. This week I did divisions twice, one day with a sister from Peru, and another with a sister from Argentina. They are wonderful, bright, and incredible missionaries, and I feel so privileged to get to learn with them.

-During one of the lessons I had with the sister from Argentina, Hermana Franco, things went so smoothly I felt like I was in a video from The District. It was quite surreal. Then I went back to my area and things went back to normal.

-Happy October! The super-cute Hermana Mendez keeps calling the month Halloween and it's adorable! Part of me wants to be here another transfer with her, just so we can celebrate it together!

-We went to print photos today and while I was waiting for Sister Mendez I found that my fingers were tapping along to the song in the background. Wouldn't you know it – it was Single File's "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." Really. REALLY?!! I love that song. I miss music. A lot. A lot A lot. SIGH. Only 13- months left ....

-I ate a fun dessert this week. It was two cookies with margarine in the middle. But there was caramel on top, so it was ok :)


OK, cool experience. We went to visit a semi-active member because it had been a few weeks since we'd seen her. When we got there her sister opened the door and said, "Well, she's here but she's in bed because she broke her leg last week." Wait … she did what? No one knew about her broken leg – not us, not her visiting teacher, not the Relief Society President, who is her good friend. No one. But now all these people know, are visiting her, and are helping her as she is on bed rest for six weeks. Oh, and did I mention that her other sister had died the week before she broke her leg? Yeah, guess who felt like an instrument in the Lord's hands, in a very surprising way. I've heard of experiences like this from other missionary friends, but to live it is … humbling. Because I am being entrusted to help this woman feel better and strengthen her faith in Christ amidst a very real, very painful set of trials. Whoa. No pressure, right? 

Love you all, and next week I will try to write about Conference and all that fun-ness. Like people speaking in SPANISH over the pulpit!!! And me understanding them!

Hermana Anderson

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