Saturday, April 18, 2015

Catch Up

OK, as you know, I haven't written much for the past, well, month. So, here's me making up for that.


Three Weeks ago in Del Valle:

-A downside of spending lots of time in a ward: The sisters feel comfortable dishing to you all the problems that they have with other ward members. I felt like I was back in school where I got along with everybody, but not everybody got along, and they all told me about anything.

-I nearly died when someone asked Hna Siza if Peru has cars or if they just ride around on llamas. The person was just messing with her, but I died.

-It was also really funny when an 80-something-year-old grandma, who is pretty much the sweetest and most faithful woman I know, got tired of her gum and decided to just stick it on the wall. It was her house, so her rules.

-I went running for the third time on my mission. I'm going to die when I get home.

-I learned how to make tortillas de harina (flour tortillas)! They are the really tasty ones here and I didn't know how I was going to live without them when I get home. But now I can make them whenever I want.

-The son of a recently-reactivated sister saw us coming to the door and yelled "My favorite friends!!" I love that little guy, too :)


Two Weeks ago in Del Valle

-Someone sent a weird memo out that everyone in our proselyting area should try to distract us, because three or four people have talked to us about marriage and or parenthood

-Something you should not teach while fasting is the Word of Wisdom. I made myself hungry while listing off the things that were ok to eat.


Week-before-last in Reforma

-I showed a 15-year-old investigator a picture of my family and she had lots of things to say like:

  • Was your dad a soldier? Then why is he bald?
  • Your brother looks like Thor! (Calvin)
  • Whoa! What's his name? (Sage) I feel like I know him ... I'm going to look him up on Facebook!

-I live seven blocks away from where I lived when I was serving in Sochiloa. Weirdness.

-Things are starting to get hot, like 33 Celsius (low 90s Fahrenheit), but I feel like a total veteran, because it doesn't feel that bad to me.

-My companerra and I have the same missionary "mom" so that means that I am working with my sister. Cool stuff.

-Also, my companion walks really fast, something I haven’t done since my training. My legs are burning every day, and not from the sun.


Last week, here in Reforma

-Well, I don't have a lot to report on this week, so I figure I'll introduce you to my new ward and district!

This is my district leader, Elder Lowry. It's funny beacuse he looks like both Woody and Buzz Lightyear from story, but extra like Woody when you give him a cowboy hat.


This is his companion, Elder Lezama. He's in his second half of his training, and is a chef. He makes some really delicious things, and he's very popular for the Family Home Evenings here.


You guys already know this girl!! Hermana Gonzales and I are working in the same ward again! For those of you who don't know/remember, I finished her training back in October/November, so that means I'm her step-mom in missionary terms.


This is Hermana Kindt. She's from Canada and this is her last transfer before heading back to the land of the ice and snow. She's hilarious and cracks me up every time we talk.


Aaaaannddd! My companion!! Hermana Hernandez and I get along so well it's ridiculous. She's from D.C. and she's super-duper smart and spiritual. I feel like I'm part of a dream team working with her; she's just that awesome. 

That's all folks!


Hna Anderson

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