Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 31 (I Figured it Out)

December 24, 2014

Hello all!

Busy busy busy week, so I'ma just jump right in.


-One night companion and I were walking along, working hard, not finding anyone Рyou know, the usual Рwhen we decided that we really wanted French fries. And French toast. I guess we were feeling really French. So after planning, I got to work and made us some French food! (OK, not really French, but as French as it gets here in M̩xico). When it was ready, Hna Perez said "Snow White made me food." Then when laughed and asked her why she said that, she replied, "Well, you've got the yellow skirt, blue shirt, and red headband. You're Snow White." I died.

-One morning I was feeling a little tired and a teensy bit homesick and a little bit more not-wanting-to-go-to-the-district-meeting (it was all the way downtown. I'm just whiny; don’t pay attention to me). Then, lo and behold, a man got on the bus wearing a Colorado Rockies jacket. Suddenly I didn’t feel so far away.

-We were talking to a woman this week who was visiting one of our investigators and when we asked her what her name was she said "My name is Julia and I'm crazy." ....Well, thank you for being honest.

-Signs that you should stop being inactive and take your children to church: When the missionaries show your children a picture of Jesus and ask them who it is and they answer "Santa."

-I found out that, just like in Sochiloa, I am the first American missionary in Del Valle. Call me Hna Trailblazer.

-There is a sister here in the ward who is a powerhouse. To be honest she scares me a little bit, but she's awesome. This past week we spent all day Thursday with her, wrapping, dedicating, and then delivering Libros de Mormon to all of her friends in the Colonia. It was a really neat day, and man were we beat at the end of it.

But aren't they pretty? They look like the gold plates :D

-I made a fake churro. It was really easy: all you do is mix pancake mix and water, (leave out the egg), fry it, then sprinkle sugar and cinnamon!

-Things that happen here that would never happen in the US: Cholos, (gangsters/hoodlums) listening to 50's rock. I love my mission.

-That moment when you’re going to a sketchier part of town and so the sister you're going with wants to change out of her fancy trench coat, puts on a bright red one, and asks "Is this more discreet?" ...Yes....ish


We had our Christmas party!! And here are a few pics

My companion and me, all festive-like.

This was the sketch that our district presented. It's a lesson with Santa Claus, and I played the part of the member, Sister Tooth Fairy. It was fantastic.

And this is me with Sister McGee. In case I haven't already introduced her, you should know she's pretty much my best friend (and she's probably going to kill me for this :P) For three months we were in the same district and I can't even describe what a help she to for me. But then she got transferred way to the other end of the Mission. But we both prayed that we could be together for Christmas, because we knew that it would be a really hard time. Well, we still work two hours away from each other, but we got to be together for our Christmas party!! Prayers are answered, dearies; never doubt it.

Love you all, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Hna Anderson

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