Sunday, December 21, 2014

Different But the Same

December 15, 2014


So this week's title comes from the fact that, even though here in Del Valle we get to teach way more people (seriously, way more. Normally our "Other Lessons" or those that we teach to investigators sin miembro per week here are equal or more than all of the "Other Lessons" that we taught in the whole transfer last transfer) the Lord continues to help me grow in patience and diligence and to test my faith. There is no such thing as an easy mission, or an easy area. Each of them just has their own special flavor, that's all.


-Because I have only trimmed my hair a little bit one time on my mission, I obviously no longer have a pixie hairdo. But I continue to want my hair out of my face and off my neck (that's one big reason I cut it short in the first place). So I keep braiding it up. This week more than one person saw me and asked, "Did you cut your hair again??" No, but now I want to.

-That awkward moment when you realize that a Mexican Santa doesn’t say hohoho, but jojojo. Super weird.

-I saw a guy wearing a top hat. It made me miss my brothers. 

-So, we share the area with our Zone Leaders and we eat together every day. One day this week, while we were eating, we started talking about black people. I told them about how when I was younger I was legitimately mad because I was born white, not black, and Elder Cutler said he felt the same. Then Elder Rodriguez said that he wanted to be black too ... or a hippie. Then he talked for a good long while about how much he loved hippies and wishes he could be one. But, unfortunately, "This is a thing of his youth." I was dying, especially because he's a really "by the book" missionary.

-This morning we found a lizard in our house. My companion freaked out, and doesn’t want to touch it but I don't have a problem with it. So now I guess we have a pet. We named him Gadianton.

Well, that's all folks! Love you!

Hna Anderson

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