Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Third Part

November 3, 2014


Another week down!

I don't have much time so here goes: 


-During lunch this week, out of nowhere one of the elders asked me "Sister, what does ratchet mean?" Other Americans like to use/teach such words to the Latino missionaries and then not explain them. I, however, am much more forward than that and explain what others have not. But to be honest I nearly died laughing because I'd forgotten all about that word.

-I ate meatloaf here for the first time and learned that it is called pastel de carne which literally translated means meat cake. I thought of Sage in that moment and really had to work hard to not just burst out laughing. 

-Some guy on the bus randomly asked us what religion we were from. We explained and he said, "Oh the Mormons! Cool. My name is Lehi. I also have a brother named Nephi and Moroni." 

-I learned that rated R movies don't really exist here. I dunno what the rating system is, but it's not the same. I was happy to learn this because it all of the sudden explained why such awesome members thought it was ok to watch such awful movies.

-A sister in the ward told us about what it was like for her kids to go on dates. I don't remember all she said but the only word that came to mind was "awkward," because she went on all the dates with them. All of a sudden potential dates having to recite D&C 4 or the Oath and Covenant to my dad doesn't seem so bad...

-Last night it rained really hard for the first time since August and, after a stressful week, of course I went and played in it! But it was weird because this time I was almost, almost but not quite, cold. Weird, right?

-Children here don't say "trick or treat". They just say "Halloween" or "We want Halloween." I had a good giggle at all the munchkins running around yelling "¡queremos halloween! ¡queremos halloween!"


Alright; an announcement! I officially have less than a calendar year left on my mission. Can you believe it? Nah, me neither. This time next year I can talk to you all face to face. Or Facebook to Facebook. Either way, I am one-third of the way done with my mission. How crazy is that? 

-We took dramatic mission photos at sunset. This is how I look when I am receiving revelation. Just kidding!

-We also celebrated Hermana Capp’s birthday!


-And we took a super awesome Zone photo with the balloons for the youth dance. Best part is the blurry guy on the left with the mop is one of the Assistants to the President. The other ran in shortly after with the bucket. 


Other announcement!! This transfer continues to be difficult! Not a surprise to me but there was an unexpected blessing, namely an outpouring of love from my leaders. Like … all of them. I got a random happy text from my STL (the fabulous Hermana Mendez!), a call from both my zone and district leaders, and a visit from the Mission President and his wife. And they brought cookies. Don't worry, nothing dire happened, I was just, well, living the mission life, which is rough and we can't do alone. To be honest the only ones who actually knew I was struggling was President and his wife. But I was super blessed to receive the comfort and council that Heavenly Father knew I needed.  

Never forget that Heavenly Father loves you and that He is so willing and ready and waiting to help!  

Love you all!!


Hermana Anderson

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