Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet and Sour

July 14, 2014


This week ... how do I begin to describe this week…? Sweet and sour. Also I am trying to make you hungry for Chinese food. Did it work?


We had exchanges this week and for the first time I had to stay in my area and lead around the Sister-Training Leader to our appointments and whatnot. I was so stressed. I still feel like I don't know my area very well and that I don't remember all the people and things I need to and a gajillion other worries. On the morning of exchanges my stomach was hurting-from pure stress. But, as all good mission stories go, I was blessed and I did better than I thought. Tuesday night I didn't get lost once! But we were lost all of Wednesday morning and we walked nearly our whole area and almost nobody was home. But the STL I was with, Hna Perez, was super-sweet and understanding and made me feel okay with not being perfect and gave me great advice about lots and lots of things.


Another sweet thing: We had an Area Seventy visit! It was ¡Bien Padre! (That means super-awesome.) there was such an incredible spirit, and there were times where I thought, "Well I dunno what the rest of the missionaries are doing here, because that was for me."



-Another person told me I'm getting fatter. Can you tell that this bugs me?

-A recent convert, who was baptized about a week before I came to the area and has a super-big love for missionaries and missionary work, told me to stay in the house after 10 in the morning and to not leave until after four ... so all day. I told him to not worry; we have the Lord's blessings.

-An investigator said "muchas thank yous." I had to stop, process what she's said, then not laugh. It just sounds hilarious to me – muchas thank yous.

-Mom, thank you for making me eat things I don't like. I had to do that this week, and I honestly thought to myself, "just three more bites and you can be done." Now I need to learn how to eat icky things without looking like a martyr…

-I think being more Christ-like means it's harder to kill bugs. Except for cockroaches; I kill those with no mercy and lots of RAID.

-People here do lots of interesting things for money. Like get on public buses and sing really, really loudly.

-One of our investigators has a cauldren (that's not how you spell it, but I don’t know how anymore, and the Mexican computer tells me that everything I write is spelled wrong)! Straight up! How cool is that!??

-A little boy asked me if I was from the United Nations.


It’s the last week before transfers! We're going to work really hard this week to do everything the Lord needs of us! Also, it's the last week of my training. I'll be a "real missionary" next week. Eeep!! 


Love you all!

Hermana Anderson





PS. Here I am with my "mom" and my "step-mom." They're so great! And this is at the conference with the Seventy, so I'm WEARING MAKEUP!!! I never do that anymore.

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