Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Wanna Know ... Have You Ever Seen the Rain ...?

July 7, 2014

Yes, those are Creedence Clearwater Revival lyrics. My comp is a huge fan, and, well, it rained this week so we kept singing that line to each other. Then we started singing I am a Child of God. More on the rain in a minute.  

Happy July! I'm happy it's July, because that means it's almost August! I'm ready for August to be over so I don't have to hear anyone else tell me how hot it will be, and how it's so much hotter in August than it is now.  

Happy 4th of July!! Belated, I know. To celebrate, I made a very special breakfast.



And I went to Zone Conference, and got to talk to other Americans! Whoo! And of course I wore red white and blue! And so did these lovelies.









These gals are seriously some of my all-time favorite people on the planet and I don't know what I'd do without them. Fun fact: the blonde with the red-and-white shirt is from Castle Rock! We speak of Colorado fondly. 


-Someone made salad sandwiches. Take anything you'd put on a salad except the lettuce and put it between two pieces of bread. Delish.

-New home decor idea: Turtles in the shower! Live ones! In a baby bath! This is so happening.

-Some people here are under the impression that California is the entire US. "Where are you from?" "Colorado. "Oh, in California?" or "Where are you from?" "The United States" "Los Angeles!!"

-While looking at the images in the front of the proselyting Book of Mormon, one of our investigators commented on how handsome Joseph Smith is.

-A member so lovingly told me that I've gained weight since I first came to the area. A month ago. Thank you, dear sister, for those kind words.

-My district leader randomly asked me after Gospel Principles, "Sister Anderson, why are you so white?"

-My companion had to go to the hospital this week for a mysterious illness. It's a sinus infection, and – never fear – we have meds. But it looked like one of those scary movies in the hospitals. If the lights had been all flickery. Uh-uh.

-There are some great things about serving in Mexico, and there are some not-great things. One not-great thing is that sometimes you find a baby cockroach in your bed ten minutes before lights-out. The mother is yet to be found.

-I'm pretty sure Reese's products don't exist here. My heart is broken.

-Even on my mission I still have girls telling me that Calvin is really cute. I showed a pair of sisters my family picture and they both pointed to him and said "This brother is really handsome."

Ok … desert rain! Remember a few weeks ago when I said it didn't rain very much here? Mexico tricked me. When it rains here it is no-nonsense downpour. I was positively giddy. But after the second day the outdoors felt – and to be honest, smelled – like Tropical Discovery at the zoo, minus the Komodo dragons and the cool fish. There aren't drains in the streets here, so the streets were flooded. I felt like I got reassigned to the Venice mission, haha. 











Les quiero mucho!!

Hermana Anderson

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