Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Bajillion Weeks Later and Now I'm Writing Again

OK; the title is a bit of an exaggeration. Oh well.

Two weeks before last:
-I couldn't resist: I gave in and bought a yoga mat. Mission complete, I can finish happy (and healthierJ)
(Photo did not come through –ed.)
-When you are sitting for an hour-and-a-half waiting for the doctor in a Mexican Hospital and you get bored, what do you sing? I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I dunno where it came from, but I went with it.
-While exercising this week I decided to do a workout series that required a kettlebell. Well, I don't have one of those. So I used my scripture case, which has a handle and weighs a lot (at least it does when I carry it in my bag all day). Close enough.
-While getting ready for a lesson outside, we saw a chameleon. But it turns out those guys move really fast so I did not get a picture :(

Week before last:
-Fun things to do when the family you’re about to teach is cranky with each other:  Go outside and teach them how to play Ninja. They had fun, were happy afterwards, and … I schooled them all :D
-What do you do when it's hotter in the church classroom than it is outside? You finish quickly and move outside.

-That awesome Zone Conference moment when the elder directing the music says we'll sing hymn number 309 (As Sisters in Zion (Women)). That moment is quickly followed by a sad moment when he says, "Oops, it's 335 (Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy (Men’s Choir)).
-Hey, remember Maria from West Side Story? No? Well, here she is, just to remind you.
(Photo did not come through –ed.)

Just kidding, that’s not Maria. That's Rita, a sweetheart who is now 80 years old and was baptized late last year. But this is her when she was about 20years old. And it made me think lots of Maria.

Last week:
-This is what you do with your missionary friends on P-Day when it's 2000 degrees outside.

The picture may be lame, but I took excellent video, that I shall share when I get home.
-I speak really Northern when I speak Spanish. Basically, it's really … strong. But I am pretty sure that when I go home and speak Spanish to my Spanish-speaking friends I am going to scare them. I'll tell you why with a story. Once, a woman from Obregon went to southern Mexico to visit family in the hospital. While talking to the doctors and nurses, one of them asked, "Ma'am, why are you so angry?" Her family member said, "She's not angry, she's just from up North. That's how they talk."
-All you need to have a party here:  Beer, a snare drum, a tuba, and an accordion. It's funnier now that I'm not teaching a lesson -.-

This week:
This week was awesome!!! 
-We had a special conference this week with Elder de Hoyos, who is in charge of all of Mexico. It was a super-special meeting, one that we prepared for a lot and it really paid off spiritually. I know it's lame, but it's hard to properly describe an experience like that.
-What I thought I would do with jackets as a missionary (be cute)

What I really do (hide from the sun)

AAaaaaannnnnnnddd!! This happened!

But I have no more time, so details to come next week!!


Hna Anderson

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