Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Post! And exciting news!

Yes, it is true. I have joined the world of blogging. The intent is for this to be a mission blog, but, knowing me, other random stuff from my life may end up here too.

You have been warned.

General background: Come April 30, 2014 I will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It's a long name, I know, but that's OK. I will be in Mexico for 18 months, more specifically in the Mexican state of Sonora, and even MORE specifically I'll be in the light area shown in the picture below:

From what I've gathered in my *highly extensive,* curiosity-driven research (read as: I looked on Wikipedia and a couple other sites), I've found out that it's a desert climate, and that's really hot and dry, and doesn't rain very much, but it also goes to the coast of the Gulf of California, and, unless I'm mistaken, that's hot and humid. But no matter what-it's gonna be hot!! With that in mind, I have promised myself to not whine about the snow this winter, since I will be missing it and the cold while I'm out there. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

Before going to Mexico though, I will be going to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah. Before you ask, no, I'm not disappointed that I'm not going to the Mexico MTC. I will be spending lots of  time in Mexico, and as long as I know more about the gospel, teaching the gospel, and the Spanish language, I don't care what country it's in. Normally I would spend 6 weeks there, since I will be speaking Spanish and I grew up on good ol' American English. BUT! This is where the exciting news comes in!!

Rules are, if you've studied your mission language and aren't at the beginner level, you can call and take an oral test so that  you don't have to sit through all the "Hola, me llamo Hemana Anderson" lessons. Since I feel that I have surpassed said beginner level, and want to spend my precious MTC time learning new and wonderful things, instead of old and wonderful things, I decided that this was something I should do. 

So this past week I called and took the test. Before I called I prayed that I would remember all that I needed to so that I would be in the class that Heavenly Father wanted me to be, because I know that there is so much I've learned that I've forgotten (I haven't taken a Spanish class since high school, and that was almost three years ago). So I called, and, to my extreme pleasure, got through the questions with very little difficulty. Then the lady said that my Spanish was really good, and that she was going to put me in with the native speakers! And that instead of being there for six weeks, I would be there for only three! 

Only three weeks!!

Needless to say, I'm excited!!!

And also terrified!

I have so much to do to get ready for that, but I know it's what Heavenly Father wants for me, so it'll all be OK!  I'm going to read The Book of Mormon in Spanish in 60 days, looking back at the English when I need to, then right after that I will read it in 30 days in only Spanish. That will let me finish one week before I go to the MTC! I've read everyday since I found out, and oh my goodness, I am so glad that I'm starting now. It is so much more mentally exhausting than I thought it would be, but it will be worth it to not feel quite so lost when I get there. I know there will still be MAJOR adjustments and culture shock and all those lovely early mission things, but it will most defiantly help. 

I am so excited to serve my mission! It's going to be challenging beyond belief, but it is going to be so beyond incredible. 

Only 94 days left!


  1. I think that you are going to be an amazing missionary! YAY for the short stay at the MTC. I can't imagine having to stay longer than 3 weeks with the food that you eat and then all of the sitting. Write in your journal often. ( I wish that I had written more.)

    1. Thank you! I'm working really hard to be as prepared as I can! I'm so glad you told me that! I have thought about a LOT of things for my mission, but since I am horrible at writing in journal I had forgotten that!